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Adding a Deck Awning - Enjoy Your Deck Even More

The great thing about a deck awning is that you can enjoyprivacy and protection in the spring, summer, fall, and evenwinter months. With a deck awning, you have the opportunity tospend time outside rather than be cooped up in the house, whichmakes this a great investment. Keep in mind that in addition tothe enjoyment you, your friends, and your family will have, adeck awning will also help extend the life of the deck.

If your deck is not protected, the sun�s hot UV rays, wind,rain, snow, and even debris will slowly cause discoloration,rot, warping, and so on. However, by adding a deck awning, thewood is protected, thus lasting longer. Obviously, the longerand better the deck wears, the longer you have a place to unwindafter a hectic day. Even if you use a waterproof sealant foryour deck, you can make it last longer by installing an awning.

Although door and window awnings are beneficial in keeping ahome cool in the summertime, a deck awning is slightlydifferent. Yes, a deck awning still provides protection fromthe elements but it is also designed to block out solar heat. This means in addition to the shade, the surface of your deckwill remain cool. If you have ever walked out onto the deck ona hot day, you know just how hot wood can get but with anawning, the deck is shaded and cool. If you have smallerchildren or even pets who like going outside, you can imaginethe dangers of a hot deck.

Because there are so many new colors, patterns, materials, andstyles, you can create whatever look you want. For instance, ifyour home is white, off-white, or some other light neutralcolor, you could add a splash of color with a blue or red deckawning. On the other hand, if the home is a darker color, youmight consider a light color or color combination to brightenthings up. For some reason, many people will spend time andmoney on the front of the home but forget about the back. Witha deck awning, you get the benefits of shade and protectionwhile also making the backside of the house more visuallypleasing.

With the popularity of the deck awning skyrocketing,manufacturers are coming up with incredible designs, givingconsumers a wonderful selection like never before. If you wantsomething simple, you might consider the manual style. Withthis, a crank lever would be used to open and close the awningat will. However, the automatic awning is starting to come downin price, making it a great investment. For the automaticawning, all you do is push a button and the awning opens foryou. When ready to roll the awning up, you push the buttonagain. This design is great for the elderly, disabled, oranyone who appreciates convenience.

Although your options for a deck awning are incredible, the mostpopular are those made with canvas or aluminum. Canvas comes ina wide range of colors, is a strong, durable material, and ifcared for properly, will last for years. On the other hand, analuminum awning is very affordable, easy to maintain and clean,offers consistent cooling for the inside of the home byreflecting light, and made to last 10 years or more.

Submitted by:

Dion Semeniuk

Dion Semeniuk has developed experience into transforming your backyard into your very own resort. To learn how the awning can achieve this, visit http://www.awning-master-guide.com.


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