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With all the colors in the world, it's hard to know exactly which one to use when painting your house. Those of you determined to fairly represent each hue might set out to paint one room red, one orange, one yellow, one green, one blue, one indigo, and one violet. But, for everyone else, painting a room has less to do with equal opportunity decorating and more to do with personal taste.

Still, colors have their limits and certain ones are better at doing certain things. The following is a list of tips describing what each color has the potential to do when it finds itself up against a wall.

White: Painting a room white will make the room look bigger and cleaner (until your three year old decides to smear a mural of ketchup on the back wall). White is an ideal color when you are looking to add a lot of different hues: white, like black, goes with almost anything. Painting with white can give rooms a pure and bright look, while using that white to accentuate other colors. But, be careful: using too much white can make a room too bright, and make it hard to look at. If people routinely run from your room yelling "My eyes, my eyes," chances are, you've overdone it.

Black: Like white, black is an ideal color when you want to mix and match shades. Though black has the potential to make a room look too dark or too small, it also has a solid conventional appeal. A black wall, like a black piece of clothing, captures a sensuous, secretive, and intelligent look. Appearing more intellectual and sophisticated than all the other colors, you will be much more likely to catch your black wall reading the short stories of Rudyard Kipling than your white one.

Orange: Depending on the brightness, the color orange can be a hue that demands notice - like a shade perpetually screaming "Look at me!" It can also be welcoming or it can be a soothing earth tone. Because of this versatility, orange is a popular color in decorating. A room used for socializing can benefit from the use of bright (but not too bright) orange and a room used for relaxing can benefit from a darker orange. But orange, like all colors, has its limits: you have to be careful of the colors you mix and match. Orange with black might come across as too Halloween-ish, orange with pink might remind people of sherbert, and orange with blue might deem you - among your neighbors - a die hard Denver Bronco fan.

Blue: Blue is perhaps the most natural of colors: the sky is blue, the ocean is blue, even peoples' moods are sometimes described as blue. The "naturalness" that blue evokes makes it a good color for a bathroom or a bedroom. In a bathroom, blue can represent water and cleanliness (without being as bright as white). In a bedroom, blue is calming and can help you rest more peacefully. It's conservative, but not too conservative (it's not a Republican). It is also just dim enough to keep your bedroom dark, and free of the sunlight that can wake you up before you're ready.

Green: Green has the unique ability to emit freshness: painting a wall the regular shade of green is like panting your house with a garden. This gives your house a new, spring like feel: yes, even in the dead of winter. Like blue, green is also very natural: grass is green, trees are green, and the stems of flowers are green. Darker or forest greens can be used for a harvest look, one that is soothing and comforting, while lighter greens can be used for a more vibrant, stylish look.

Red: The color red is a dichotomy: it represents both danger and romance. For this reason, red is best used in bedrooms or rooms that are begging for a confident look, such as a library. Red is typically not a good color to use for bathrooms (who wants to be sexy while brushing their teeth), or rooms that you want to look open and large, such as living rooms. Red is also not a good color to paint the outside of your house: doing so can make it resemble a barn, causing livestock to flock to your front door at sunrise. You might find yourself up to your elbows in cows, but at least you won't ever have to buy milk again.

Submitted by:

Jennifer Jordan

Jennifer Jordan is the senior editor for http://www.etodoors.com . Someone who changes her mind every five minutes, her house is in a perpetual state of home improvement.



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