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2 Easy Steps To Stop Clutter

Don�t Let The Clutter In!

2 Steps to Stop Clutter Collecting

How do we collect clutter in the first place? After all we came into the world possession free!

Its all in the ��..
Be Clutter Free Equation

Items In minus Items Out

If you are happily removing clutter but are adding things just as fast then you won�t ever feel clutter free.

Step One

Identify where the clutter is coming from. Observe your life and you will find your clutter collection spots:

Junk Mail: Do you have a pile which contains things you will look at �one day�? When was the last time you looked at anything in the pile?

Email: Do you get lot�s of unwanted email? Or are you inundated with Newsletters (!!!???) that you thought would be a good idea?

Gifts: When you receive unwanted gifts do they lurk at the bottom of a cupboard?

Shopping: Are you always tempted to purchase things: books, clothes, storage solutions, etc and then find that you don�t really use or enjoy them?

Undone Tasks: Is your mind cluttered with tasks �to be done� that never seem to get to the top of the list?

Ideas: Are you a creative person whose head is always so full of ideas that it drives you crazy?

Step Two

Stop and Create Systems that work for you! Here are some ideas:

� One in one out. If you buy a new item then another can go
� Purchase only consumables for a set amount of time
� When you are about to make a purchase ask yourself: �Do I really need this? Do I really want this? Will this add value to my life?�
� Unsubscribe to unread newsletters � cut the clutter in your inbox
� Get taken off the junk mailing contact lists
� Put all your ideas on paper, into a folder and off your mind
� Open your mail by the waste bin � dispose of junk mail straight away
� Talk to friends and family about gifting to charity on your behalf or be brave and let them know what you�d really like for your birthday!


Enjoy what you have and�..
work towards a vision of your perfect environment.

Submitted by:

Alison Perry

Shed your physical and emotional clutter and find your true self and unlimited potential.Happiness starts with being the real, authentic you. I help clients access their, sometimes lost, authentic selves and realize their desires. To start your journey straightaway: http://www.beclutterfree.co.uk/workbook.htm


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