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4 Tips On Soundproofing Your Sanctuary

If there�s a room in your home which you�ve targeted as your own personal sanctuary, own of the best ways to make it so is with soundproofing. Whether you intend it as a place to perform your music without complaints from the rest of the family, or want to keep the rest of the family�s noise from intruding on your concentration, soundproofing is the solution. Fortunately for you, it can be done without neither a mammoth expense nor effort from you.

Step One

Attach a door sweep seal on your sanctuary�s door. The door sweep seal will prevent sound from sneaking in and out through the space where door and the floor do not quite meet. A strip of metal with a flap which blocks noise while allowing the door to open and close easily, the door sweep seal makes your hollow-core door nearly as effective a soundproofing barrier as a very expensive soundproof door which may be too heavy for your existing door frame.

Step Two

You can apply soundproofing to the walls in your sanctuary without going to the trouble of having acoustic foam blown into them from above or an extra layer of cork-cushioned drywall glued on. Soundproofing mats backed with adhesive and available in a wide range of colors are simply unrolled and attached to the wall, like wallpaper without the mess.

If you don�t like the idea of using adhesive on your walls, an alternative could be to hang sound-absorbing area rugs along them. Visitors to Graceland can testify to the green shag carpeting used as soundproofing on the walls of Elvis Presley�s music room.

Step Three

If you are going to re-carpet the room, hold off on carpeting the walls until you can coordinate your choices, and as an extra soundproofing measure, use a deluxe carpet pad on the floor beneath the carpet. Sound waves travel everywhere, including along the floor, and soundproofing it will be a big help in creating the quiet you desire. For more info see http://www.homesoundproofinghelp.com/Soundproof_Wall on Soundproof Wall.

Your Final Step

If your private room has windows, and you truly want effective soundproofing, you will have to go to the expense of installing soundproof windows. Everything you have done so far will take care of keeping out noise from elsewhere in your home, but exterior noise will get in through those windows.

Soundproof windows, fortunately, can be installed behind your existing ones, using their frames, and will open and close just like they do. And because of their super-tight seals, they�ll provide you with the extra bonus of keeping your sanctuary warm in the winter and cool in the summer!

Submitted by:

David Faulkner

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