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7 Easy, Fast Ways Feng Shui Help You - Articles Surfing

Feng Shui has been around for millenia. The accumulated knowledge acquired and transfered from generation to generation is vast.

The literal meaning of Feng Shui is "Wind and Water". It is both art and science in it's use. This is why different practitioners can give different advice on the same subject.

This apparent contradictory advice can be explained by a matter of "perspective". 2 people can see the same environment entirely differently and both can be correct in interpretation and execution of remedial action.

The application of Feng Shui is meant to give you optimal support and help in your life to help you reach your goals. Whenever you are feeling out of sorts with yourself and your environment, you can be sure you will experience a negative and draining effect compounding the problem making it ever more difficult for you to get to where you want to go.

There is good news, Feng Shui can help - it may not be a knight in shining armour to the rescue but it's effects can be just as impressive.

Tip #1 - Work with it, not against it - Would you like to know the fastest way to improve your personal circumstances?

If you take the position where fate and luck are out of our control (which is not entirely true as our thoughts are critical to how things unfold), then the next biggest area we can impact our lives is in our environment. Feng Shui gives us the exact tools and knowledge we need to change this. Interestingly, as everything is connected to everything else, by proactively changing your environment you will also notice distinct changes in your "luck"

Tip #2 - Feel The Force Luke Remember Star Wars? Science fiction it may be but it's closer to science fact. All around us pervades a universal force of energy. The ancient Chinese described this force as "chi" (and the Japenese "Ki"). Chi is also known as "cosmic breath" is with us always and ever, under normal circumstances 99% of humans are oblivious to it but the act of breathing in and of itself is a powerful way to get in touch with chi. In fact, the ancient practice of Chi Kung is a highly potent way to do so and has many health and relaxation benefits associated with it. Get in touch with your own personal power your personal chi and recognise it's presence and use in your own environment.

Tip #3 - If you know someone is going to be an unwanted guest beforehand - don't invite them. As simple and trite as this sounds, it is all too often ignored. A typical example is one whereby you feel compelled to invite a quarrelsome family member into your home. You know before they arrive things are not going to turn out well but you still invite them anyway - because they're "family". Well, you can't choose your family but you can choose when to invite them. The same goes for "friends" or friends of friends - if you know they too are going to cause discord in your home, do your best to uninvite them! The negative chi accompanying their presence will last a lot longer than the duration of their visit and you can ill afford the addition of negative energy to your home, particularly when it is under your own power to avoid in the first place.

Tip #4 - Letting go of someone you love is difficult to do but we have to let go. When someone's body has run it's course on this world, they must symbolically have their spirits released. If you are tempted to retain the cremated ashes of a loved one in your home, resist! An urn full of ashes is a potent reminder of their demise rather than a celebration of their wonderful life.

Tip #5 - Get rid of dried flowers. They may be convenient but there is no substitute for the real thing. Unfortunately, dried flowers carry negative chi - devoid of the positive energy and lifeforce their real equivalents posess. In addition, you'll find dried flowers are a magnet for dust (again negative in nature) which of course can aggrevate your breathing giving rise to potential allergies.

Tip #6 - If it's, it has to go. Be it dried flowers, cremated remains, dust, stuffed animals, rotten fruit or food well past it's edible date, there is a clear message to be had here. Throw it out!. Items devoid of life do not possess positive chi and their very presence is an attractor for negative chi. This will in turn have grave repurcussions for your health, wealth and happiness.

Tip #7 - "Crassula" - aka "The money plant". A healthy money plant positioned in your home's southeast sector is very auspicious for your propserity. Remember the onus is on "healthy". You need to tend your plants and nurture them just as you would any other investment. Ignore them at your financial peril.

Submitted by:

Tracy O'Brien

Tracy O'Brien is a long time student/practitioner of the art of Feng Shui and also founder of http://FengShuiAstrology.com. Visit now for more Feng Shui Tips and a FREE Feng Shui Astrology Personality Profile:http://www.fengshuiastrology.com



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