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7 Ways A Home Air Purifier Will Help You Save Money - Articles Surfing

Although the initial purchase of a home air purifier or purification system will set you back more than the cost of a feather duster, the long-term monetary benefits are significant. We've taken a look at 7 ways that buying and installing an efficient air cleaner will actually help you put more money in the bank!

1) You'll save on cleaning costs

How much do you spend in a month on cleaning supplies? I'm talking about soap, detergent, sponges, mops, dusters, disinfectant wipes, and so on. It all adds up, right? But what if your house didn't get quite so dirty quite so fast? Let's say you didn't have to dust weekly. As a result, you wouldn't have to buy as many replaceable duster parts, a savings of approximately $5 per month. That $5 may not seem like much, but it adds up, too - $60 per year. And that's just on dusting supplies! Buying an air purifier is a fairly large expense right now, but you'll make your money back, and then some, in the long-term.

2) It's cheaper than a maid

Do you have a housekeeper? If so, how much do you pay him or her? Any way you cut it, cleaning services are not cheap. Having an air purification system in your home is like having a maid constantly rotating through your rooms, dusting, sweeping, and vacuuming, but at a much lower "per-hour" rate!

3) You'll save valuable time

Okay, so this "cost-saver" is actually a timesaver. Sure, you could spend hours a day vacuuming, dusting, polishing, and sweeping, but wouldn't you rather let your air cleaner take care of all of the chores for you? The fact is, all the dust that gathers on top of shelves and windowsills starts out as airborne contaminants - if your air purifier sucks it out of the air, it will never settle and create unsightly dirty conditions. Of course, you'll have to sweep and vacuum from time to time, because no air purifier can keep your home 100% dust-free all of the time. But a high-quality machine will certainly cut down on your cleaning time dramatically.

4) Your interior design budget will shrink

Have you noticed how dust can make your furniture grey and dull, or how cigarette smoke makes your wallpaper dingy? Indoor dirt and airborne contaminants don't just create a temporary nuisance - they can permanently damage your home. Installing an air purifier keeps you healthier, but it also keeps your furniture, wallpaper, and curtains cleaner and fresher, which means you can keep them longer.

5) You can stop buying OTC allergy medication

If you and/or anyone in your family is one of the millions of Americans who suffer from indoor allergies, you already know how costly OTC allergy medications can be. And recently, some prominent brands have switched from OTC to prescription-only, adding to the financial burden. Now what if you could attack the problem at its source - reducing the allergens in your home? That's exactly what air purifiers do, and the end result is that you and your family will breathe easier, even with less medication.

6) You'll avoid serious (potentially fatal) health problems

In this country, unfortunately, people seem to have the "I'll pay for it later" mentality - they smoke the cigarettes and put off worrying about the consequences until years after the fact. Don't play Russian roulette with your health, especially when you can take steps now to preserve your wellbeing in the future. Dirt, dust, grime and debris in your air can lead to asthma, lung ailments and other serious physical illnesses. Living in a cleaner environment will keep your body purer - consider an air purifier a necessity just like diet and exercise.

7) You'll save on medical bills

Ignoring the airborne contaminants in your home is not just dangerous to your health, it's also financially risky. Even with insurance, medical expenses are high, and they're getting higher. Thankfully, with an air cleaner in your home you will cut down on the amount of indoor pollution, lowering your risk of developing related illnesses. This will keep your medical expenses low in the long-run.

For all these reasons, buying a high-quality air purifier can be not just a smart choice but also a financially rewarding one!

Submitted by:

Mark Tsang

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