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How Molds And Mildews Enter Your House? - Articles Surfing

We all know that molds are everywhere. Hence it's quite natural for molds and mildews to be already present in our houses! Then what is the meaning of the title? If they are already in, why should we bother about how they entered?

That's a very relevant question indeed. Molds start troubling when they increase in number within a closed system like home, office, shop or any other premise. It's true that molds are present everywhere, but the density in air and on indoor surfaces may not be that high. But if you fail to close the doors, they may enter in huge number to contaminate indoor environment.

Identifying the route that lets molds penetrate is very important. Mold spores can come in through open doors and windows with air. Heating, cooling or ventilation system can also add to indoor mold spore count by fetching mold infested air from outside.

Mold spores frequently get attached with a suitable carrier and start invading your home. Spores often find clothes, leather shoes, household accessories, pets and even your skin suitable for this purpose.

Lesson #1:

Wash your hands, face, feet very well after returning from outside. If possible take a bath. Also, wash your clothes properly; you never know whether molds had already found it comfortable or not! Take proper care of your pets once they return home from the garden.

It may sound odd, but let me tell you that it is almost impossible to stop molds at door. They will enter any way. However, you can always stop mold growth inside your home and use mold killer to remove them.

Mold spores may lead to health problems in some sensitive individuals. But the problem amplifies once they start to reproduce and grow inside your home. After entering, spores look for a place that provides all the factors for life. The essential factors for molds to sporulate and amplify are:

1. Nutrition
2. Water
3. Air

Molds can collect nutrition from any organic materials. In nature, they feed on dead organic matters like leaves, parts of the trees, dead animals etc. Indoor, they can obtain nutrition from paper based products, clothes, leather products, wood and wooden furniture, glue used behind wallpapers, soil in the planter, carpet and many other things. Even molds can grow on concrete walls and collect the required food from any of the adjacent materials. They are really omnipresent!

Toxic molds can grow in edible foods as well. Perhaps you have noticed that foods left in room temperature taste bad after few days and smell horrible too. This is the effect of mold formation. Eating such food can cause food poisoning in humans.

Lesson #2:

Never left foods uncovered at room temperature in your home. Put them in refrigerator if you plan to take them later.

Kill molds and block further growth:

Make sure the factors required for mold growth are not present in one place under the roof. It is difficult, but not impossible. Identify the places that are prone to mold attack and keep checking them frequently. Dry bathroom walls, kitchen sinks and curtains periodically so that molds never get the chance to amplify.

However, if molds have already infected your home, use natural cleaning products to kill molds. Mold cleaning process need special care; be careful of direct exposure to molds while cleaning. Seek professional help if required.

Submitted by:

Markus Skupeika

Are you fighting an endless battle trying to defeat black mold? There are many ways to kill mold properly and keep it from coming back in the future. See how.



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