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Job layoffs? What can you do to survive a job layoff in this time and age? It used to be that if you did your job acceptably, kept dancing when the boss was watching you are fine and had a job for life so to speak. Not any more. You can wake up one day and find out that either your firm has been bought up in some merger or reorganization, or find out that the factory or operation that you have been employed in has been outsourced half way around the world to someone you do not know or blame and as well perhaps does not even speak your language.

The joke used to be asked 'What is the difference between a recession and a depression?' The answer was that a recession was when your neighbor lost his or her job. A depression is when you yourself lose your job, employment and major source of income.

Nevertheless what can you do when such a disaster strikes? Is there a silver lining in this cloud or is there light at the end of the tunnel? First and foremost no not badmouth or malign your employer's reputation. By behaving negatively in terms of your employer and their reputation you are only demeaning yourself and putting yourself in a bad light. If your employer has a poor reputation the word has spread or will soon spread. There are several factors here. First of all, by having previous employment you have name recognition when it comes to applying for other employment. This is why firms such as the car rental company 'Avis' worked to plaster its name across the land.

Having name recognition, in your case when a prospective interviewer is scanning a stack of applications deciding which ones to pick out, to give an interview to, is the major part of the first battle. Remember the whole point of creating a resume and cover letter to apply for job positions ' is to obtain that first interview and this joining the interview and hiring process. If you do not have a ticket, then you cannot win the lottery. Name recognition of your previous employer can be a very useful and powerful tool in your pocket. If the next employer recognizes the previous firm's name and it to your benefit, why spoil a good thing by badmouthing your previous employer. The interviewer may not know these facts or perceptions at all, so why inform them. In addition employers generally want first and foremost to hire 'team players' with a positive attitude .Why ruin their perceptions of yourself and the end the whole chance of being hired. Lastly you will need a good reference from your previous employer, if you are to stand any chance in the interview and hiring process. Why burn your bridges and bite off your nose to spite your face so to speak.

Networking is usually the key to a successful job employment search and will put you in good stead. Most jobs it seems nowadays are filled from within. Do your utmost best to establish and nourish a network of employment within your current industry or industry of choice. Get the word out on the grapevine that you are looking for work. Who knows the people who help you today, may be in a similar position down the line?

It never hurts to be owed a favor by someone, in a position to be of help to you. Ask each person that you speak to refer you someone else who can help you to build your network. It's an old age that serendipity often comes into play for those who are out there looking. As well it should be recognized that in the end 'You Never Know Who can help you.'

Lastly if should be recognized that the old mindset was that you were of most valuable to an employer if you were working presently. The thought pattern was that since someone else was employing and paying you then you must be a valuable employee and a catch to hire. In our current economic climate, where anyone can be laid or reduced to a former employee of a firm that has recently 'outsourced', this supposition is not always true or relevant. Many prospective employees view experienced applicants to their catchment as a bonus and as wonderful assets to their organization, its strengths and experience and most importantly to profitability.

Submitted by:

William B. Piker

Alberta Oilsands Job Shop - Get Your Boss Fired - Winnipeg Job Shop.



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