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Surviving Office Politics - Keeping Your Job And Income - Articles Surfing

It is often quoted that the first profession or career choice in history was prostitution. If that is so then the second profession must be 'politics'. Again and again the specter of struggles of human relationships and indeed of 'office politics' rears its head again and again in the workplace. This is in spite of all practicalities and effects on human relationships, efficiency in the workplace and indeed on business effectiveness, profitability of the organization or firm in the marketplace. It is all foolish, counterproductive and indeed stupid. Yet how can you deal with issues and events. In most cases all you want to do survive. It's all a matter of ultimately keeping your job, career employment and income through the specter and gamesmanship of 'office politics'?

First of all ' take the time to observe. True it is a luxury that you may not have. If at all possible watch the workplace and its players. What are the organizations key core values? Is the basic viewpoint one of long term thinking or only of the short term 'what is the bottom line?' Type of decision making? Especially pay attention to the decision making and thought process patterns of upper management and owner's.
This is what may count and prevail in the end, not the pattern of your direct supervisor or co ' workers?

Is the 'corporate culture' one of innovation and risk taking or is it an older died in the wool type where the basic viewpoint and standing is to any issues and challenges is the answer 'You do not have to tell me '.. I have been in this business for 10, 20, 30 '. Years'.

In order to win, or least stay in the game, you need proper tools. Where is your firm or industry headed? Evaluate winners in both your firm and the industry as model. Acquire those skills and credentials. Take courses and extra training ' even at your own expense if the firm will not spring for the funds. You will be ahead at the end of the process. First of all the banyuk with the degree or diploma on the wall 'Must know more 'when it comes to an argument or discussion. If there is a position to be filled for advancement, it often comes down to one determining factor of which candidate has more. Bingo guess that get the promotion ' is now at a higher level of command and authority or who has left those specific office politics and problem individuals behind? Lastly if things get downright foolish you are in a much better position to either look for other employment or at the least threaten to leave unless the office politics and foolishness cool down.

No matter what most people say ' in the end , if you live long enough , it all comes down to money . Profitability of the firm or organization is where it's at. Troublemakers have a way of doing themselves in. Be an efficient effective employee who brings the firm profit. This may be in terms of production on the factory floor, sales in a sales organization, or case load in terms of service or governmental organizations. Don't make waves. Lay low. Don't cause trouble.

Your results will speak for themselves, although it never hurts to be able to communicate your virtues and results. If communication is not your forte, then join a toastmasters club or similar training program to improve your communication skills.

In the end problems in life, and office politics tend to work themselves out. In the end you are what you are and You are not what you are not. Time seems to take care of all problems. Things have a way of working themselves out in life and in the workplace.

Submitted by:

Shaun Z. Stevens

Alberta Job Shop Fire Your Supervisor Winnipeg Manitoba Job Bank



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