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Humans can be divided into two groups: the hesitant and the bold and courageous. The former will forever be shining the armor of the latter, throwing them accolades, paying them money to light the way. Not that it's a bad job, mind you. The idea of bright, talented, otherwise-capable people stooping to kiss the hand of the brave is grounding. Honest work is always admirable.

You see, the people who we ultimately hold in good regards, who win our hearts and our wallets, are those who face their fears and act in courage. Eleanor. Lance. Joan of Arc. Oprah. Mulan. They display a fierce willingness to look into the snarling face of their dragon-demons, and charging forward anyway.

Simple? Yes. Easy? Not a chance! The storms that keep you down are often just breezes whispering in your ear. And they're the most difficult ones to recognize and resist. They may have resulted from a past trauma. Or a story that you've been nurturing. Or a role that you outgrew when you hit puberty. They have nothing to do with what is now going on for or around you.

Guess what - You're not alone. So get over it.

It's really not as brutal as it sounds. This is the alternative to endorsing self-imposed creative and economic tyranny. The fact is that these influences are only powerful if you buy into them. They are true only if you believe that you have no special value. Or that you're being on earth is an act of randomness or Divine cynicism.

Everything in the universe has some special task that, when executed courageously, forever changes the course of history. You are no different. You were pre-designed to leave your footprint in the sands of time. It was built into your genetic makeup from the moment you were conceived.

Absorb that: Everything that you need for your grand quest is already in you. You are literally hardwired to succeed.

But we're socialized to believe otherwise. We're told that only a special few- with certificates, corporate titles, particular surnames or certain number of zeros in their accounts - have access to prosperity.


You have a choice - now, today - about whether to accept the rights and responsibilities of becoming who you are destined to be. It's time to step up to the plate, swing your bat, and take your strikes as well as your out-of-the-park grand slams. You will be richly rewarded with personal and professional satisfaction, a sense of deep accomplishment, and yes (dare I say it) economic well-being.

How do you do that? I'll answer with a question:
What do you fear the most? THAT is what you must look at and act on first. Resolve to push against it with all of your heart. No waffling. No excuses. This one single decision will forever change your future, your thinking, your self. You will become courageous.

Of course you can always walk away - hands over your ears - because being a victim is easier. So will you choose to confront the tormenter in your head? Or decide to stay small, to run from honor? Either choice has its downside. Either choice has its risks.

Know that �failure� is a matter of perspective, and it's generally not permanent. Regrets, never having known, now that's forever.


Submitted by:

Doctor Murph

Dr. Lucia Murphy, also well known as "Doctor Murph," leads professionals and organizations to success and profitability by drawing out their talents. Her expertise is from over 20 years of contribution in corporate and academic arenas. She is also the author of the forthcoming book, "Winning Loyal Followers." Go to http://www.DoctorMurphEvents.com.


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