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How To Be A Leader

I was sitting here thinking about what it is to be a leader.

They tell you all the time that you have to be a leader to have any success in this industry, but no one ever really explains to you how to become a leader that people want to follow.

Leadership is not something you acquire overnight. It is a process that takes time to develop.

Let me explain.

I believe being a leader is about your experiences and all the trials and tribulations that you have to go through to become a leader. Everything that happens to you in you business, whether it�s good or bad, gives you experience. How you process those experiences will either make you a follower or a leader.

How can you help someone with their problem if you have never experienced it yourself? How can you give someone advise on what works if you have never tried it yourself?

In my first business opportunity it took me a whole year to find a single person to join me in my business! The problem I had was I lacked experience in this industry. Oh yeah I was a leader in everything else I did but I didn�t have the experience and knowledge I needed to be a leader in this industry.

What�s funny is that deep down inside me, I had a fear of someone joining me in my business because I didn�t know what to do with them if they joined me! So I was hoping people would join me, but at the same time I was relieved when they didn�t.

This was a viscous cycle I had to stop if I wanted any success at all.

I learned along the way that by going through this process I was developing as a leader myself. I learned from all my failures and tried not to repeat them over and over. I learned that I needed to educate myself on this industry and on my business.

It�s not one thing you learn that makes you a leader. It�s having to go through this whole process that you start to develop as a leader.

I had someone ask me the other day, �Can you show me what you do on a daily bases to grow your business?� I told them I could, �but you have to APPLY what you learn to you business to gain that experience.�

I can show you all day long what I do on a daily bases but until you actually TRY, you will never gain that experience and therefore never develop as a leader.

Take a look at all the gurus out there and the struggles they went through when they first started in this industry. The secret to how they became leaders and wealthy is that they learned from those failures and gained that experience. They didn�t quit!

You hear all the leaders telling you to never give up, because they know that the experience you are going through, are the same experiences they went through, and they know in time you will develop as a true leader in this industry by going through this processes like they did.

As long as you don�t quit and you continue to learn and apply what you learn, you will, in time, develop into a leader that people trust and want to follow. And as you grow personally, your business will grow.

I guarantee it!

Gary Worley
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Gary Worley

Gary Worley is an Internet Marketing Expert.http://bizsuccessprohomebusiness.blogspot.com


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