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Your Attitude, Your Choice

Your attitude is your choice. Each one of us wakes up with the same 24 hours. Each of us begins every week with the same 7 days. Each of us was born by someone, somewhere. Your attitude each and every day is determined by you regardless of whatever else may be happening, has happened, or will happen.

We all have the same time every day and we all have the same choice � what is my attitude going to be? From your work life to your home life, your attitude is reflected to the masses. Based upon how you treat others, how you talk to peers, how you respond to authority, others decide what they think of you. The question that begs an answer from each one of us is, �Will I be a person that has an �I can� attitude regardless of my current situation or will I have an attitude that is dictated by that circumstances that surround me?� For many of us, our attitudes are driven by situations rather than having an attitude that rises above the situation.

In your workplace, what do other people think about you? What would others say about your attitude? One experiment that I have always thought would be interesting is to have your closest co-workers gather into a room and share a one word definition for each person. Do you think those you work with could give a one word definition for you? What would it be? Would you be appreciative or offended by the choice of words? Whatever the case, here is the truth; most times what people say is correct and what they say is mostly a result of the attitude they see in you.

Attitude is judged quickly. When you meet someone new, you often determined what you think of that person before they even begin speaking. You might think, �I am not that shallow; I measure someone up before I make a determination.� Really? Have you ever watched people at the mall as they walk by? Have you ever made a judgment about them from what they were wearing, who they were with, or what they did? The answer for most of us is a definite �yes.� If that is indeed the case, how much more do the people you work with have a pulse on your attitude as they work with you day in and day out, week in and week out, month after month?

What is your attitude today? Is your attitude showing those around you that you are confident, poised, and in control? Are you allowing your attitude in that situation to control you and, ultimately, bring you further down the path of disappointment and discouragement?

Henry Ford once said, �Whether you think you can or think you can�t, you�re right.� How profound. Your mindset going into a situation, a relationship, a project, or your workplace is often determined by mindset you have going into that situation. The choice is yours; the result is from your choice.

Live with an attitude of expectancy. Of hope. Of joy. After all, your attitude is your choice.

Submitted by:

Jerry Ackerman

Speaking to teenagers, adults, and children - Jerry's gifts allow him to relate and connect with any audience regardless of age. His down-to-earth style is engaging, humorous, practical, and passionate. Visit http://www.jerryackerman.net for booking information, client reviews, and video samples.


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