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DUI Laws

Even though the penalties for DUI vary from state to state, the federal government of the United States has mandated that in order to be considered legally intoxicated, your blood alcohol level (BAC) must be .08 or higher. For those under the age of 21, or those who drive commercial trucks or vehicles, this level could be lower - .06 or less. This means that if you fail a sobriety test, you could face heavy fines, time in jail, have your license suspended, and have a DUI on your permanent driving record.

The fines and other penalties you face are dependant on a number of factors, which is what makes DUI laws so complex. Only a DUI attorney will be able to help you through the legal process.

Why Are DUI Laws So Complex?

Even though the federal government has issued a standard level for intoxication, states still have the right to charge you with driving under the influence even if you BAC level is lower. Other factors that contribute to state DUI laws include:

' Causing an accident while driving under the influence
' Speeding while intoxicated
' Driving under the influence with minors in the vehicle
' Number of DUI offenses one has on their record
' Amount of time between each offense
' Other crimes committed
' Age of the driver
' If a death occurred as a result of driving while intoxicated

As you can see, there are many factors that help dictate the charges you will face if you are stopped by law enforcement while driving under the influence.

What Should I Do If Facing DUI Charges And I Am Subject To Penalty
According To DUI Laws?

The first step is to hire a DUI law attorney. Your attorney will be able to evaluate your case and determine the proper course of action. The second step is to comply with all state regulations. This may mean surrendering your license, adhering to the rules of house arrest, or attending all required court dates. If you're asked to attend driver's education or enter into a rehab program, you should consider making all efforts possible to show the court that you are trying to change your behavior.

If you're from out of state, hire an attorney who works in the state where you're being charged as they will know more about local law than an attorney from your state of origin.

If you feel these charges are inaccurate, your attorney may be able to get them reduced. Because there are so many factors that dictate state DUI laws, your fines may be reduced or you may not have to spend time in jail if this is your first offense or it is found that the sobriety testing was administered incorrectly.

Learn More About DUI Laws

Visit your state's website to learn more about DUI laws that are specific for your state and region. Many times, counties, towns, and providences within a state have their own DUI laws when it comes to driving while intoxicated.

You can also search online for federal government sites that can provide additional information. Look for resources that are updated as state DUI laws change often to reflect how many people are charged with DUI each year and how many repeat offenders there are as well. Some states have made the charges of driving under the influence a more serious offense due to an increase in death and repeat instances of drunk driving.

Submitted by:

Marie Alderson

For more information about DUI Laws and other legal information see MassLegalInfo.com. Please see our site for information on selecting a Massachusetts DWI Lawyer.



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