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How to Get Arrested When You Have Drugs in the Car

Don't run from the cops! Immediately pull over to the side of the road as soon as you are requested by the police to stop your car.

If there is no safe area to pull over, slow your car to a speed that is below the speed limit; put on your emergency flasher to let the police officer know that you are going to pull over and at night, turn on the interior dome light so the police officer can see that you are not trying to hide anything or reach for a gun; pull over as soon as you come to a safe area or at the next exit if you are on a highway; and keep your hands on the top of the steering wheel.

If you fail to stop, your problems will seriously escalate. You may now have given the police probable cause to search your car and find your drugs. It is extremely unlikely that you will get away. The probable result is that there will be violence. If you are not shot and possibly killed by the police, a police officer may be injured or killed and you will be looking at substantially more time in prison.

Even if you stole a car, have drugs for personal use, or you're a drug dealer with a large quantity of drugs in the car, you're far better off pulling over.

A drug lawyer may even be able to get the charges dismissed if it can be proved that the police officer did not have probable cause to make the stop or search your car. Many times, police officers will not have probable cause to search your car even if they had probable cause to make the stop.

After stopping you, the police officer will look for probable cause to search your car. Failing to obtain probable cause, many police officers will simply ask for permission to search the car.

Do not give the police officer permission to search your car. You are not required to give permission. If you do not give permission to search your car, the police officer might go ahead and search anyway but if the police officer does not have probable cause to make the search, anything found can be excluded as evidence against you at trial. If you do give permission, anything found can be used as evidence against you.

Do not talk to the police officers, except to provide your name. Do not give any explanations in an attempt to avoid arrest. To your surprise and your lawyer's dismay, your explanation will accomplish only two things. It will give the police officer probable cause to search your car and probable cause to arrest you.

If you are arrested, you will be read your Miranda rights. Among other things, the Miranda warning tells you that you do not have to say anything and that you have the right to consult with a lawyer and to have a lawyer present during questioning. There is a good reason the police have to tell you this. Don't say anything except "I don't want to say anything without a lawyer and I want a lawyer now".

Submitted by:

Philip L. Franckel, Esq.

Philip L. Franckel, Esq. is a Drug Lawyer at www.1888DrugCrimes.com


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