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Affiliate Tips For The Top 20% Of Affiliate Marketers - Articles Surfing

There is a proven path to success on the Internet.

Not "make $10,000 in the next 15 days guaranteed" type of success. The only ones who succeed with those programs are the people who own them.

What I'm talking about is real success.

Owning a site that makes a profit week in and week out ... then duplicating that success until you own a series of sites earning profits every week.

And, before you know it, you are free! Free from debt. Free from your job. Free to do as you please!

Can it really happen for you?

You bet it can!

And I'm going to suggest to you how you can start on that proven path right now. But first, let me share a brief story with you and why it just might be the most practical thing you will read this year.

A few weeks ago I came across this scenario ... ...

"I've been marketing with pay-per-click for several months and doing well. I was earning about $3000 a month, then Google changed things and I'm now earning zero!"

Long story short ...

This intelligent and well-meaning man had sold over 2000 affiliate products in the last 4 months ... but had not ONE name on his own mailing list.

He had no way to follow up. He had no way to make back-end sales.

All he had for his considerable efforts was some one-time commissions.

Let's do the math ...

The average site converts 1% of visitors to sales.

He knew he had sold 2000 products.

That meant that 200,000 people had visited a site based on his advertising. But not HIS WEBSITE!

About 1/3 of people who visit a site will take free information or join a mailing list when asked correctly.

When Google changed the rules, he was left out in the cold with no site, no list, and no business.

The bottom line was this ...

If he had directed those visitors to his site and asked them to join his list he could have had a mailing list of 67,000 people instead of being left with nothing!

When he heard this he was shaken, but not broken. He quickly went to work building his site and list based on what we discussed and is now on his way to building a real business that lasts.

What he lacked, what separated him from the success he deserved, was a plan! A simple plan to build a business ... not just make money.

Top Affiliate Marketers do most of these Ten things :

1. Top affiliate marketers cloak web site links 2. Top affiliate marketers write & distribute articles 3. Top affiliate marketers focus on a market niche 4. Top affiliate marketers use autoresponder series 5. Top affiliate marketers create web pages to pre-sell 6. Top affiliate marketers gather email addresses 7. Top affiliate marketers advertise SOMEWHERE 8. Top affiliate marketers optimize for search engines 9. Top affiliate marketers give away ebooks or freebies 10.Top Affiliate marketers have their own mailing lists

If you were to use most of these strategies you would become one of the band of successful affiliate marketers and would not find yourself on the 'Opportunity Treadmill'

Affiliate Marketing is also about

1. Knowing which product to choose 2. Where to find free products and services that really work 3. How to create a powerful follow-up system without writing a word! 4. A unique and powerful use for solo ads that no-one has thought of! 5. How to use Pay Per Click and Ezine advertising for maximum profits 6. A reinvestment formula that practically guarantees success

I've seen research that indicates that a pattern exists where a person joins an opportunity, stays with it for about 60 days, and, when all the big promises don't come true (and they never do) leaves that business in search of the next big thing.

It's called the opportunity treadmill. It leads nowhere and benefits no one except the program owners who suck up the monthly fees and live like royalty on the broken hopes of well meaning people.

And it NEVER leads to success.

Business on the Internet should NOT be this way, and does not have to be this way!

Submitted by:

Russ Shearer

Russ Shearer is a Digital Product Developer and makes it easy for the newbie and experienced affiliate marketer to succeed with digital products. Sign up for FREE commercial software and get the powerful Affiliate Success Report now.




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