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In the previous two articles we discussed how negatively charged affirmations can adversely affect mental health, quality of life, and your relationships with other people. If you care about your loved ones, friends, and your career or education, you owe it to them and yourself to study this topic and change your life for the better. Even if there's nothing wrong, you're not depressed, and you're happy, you can use affirmations to complete goals quickly and more efficiently!

I recently purchased a book called 'Money to Be Made Online', and I used affirmations to stop being lazy, and then I used wealth affirmations to build an amazing business that I'm working full time with today. So what is an affirmation? Simply put, affirmations are statements you make to yourself. It's also categorized as 'Self-talk' and sometimes 'stream of thought'.

Our stream of thought can directly affect our emotional state, because we are usually stating how we feel. For example, you just took a shower and affirm to yourself 'Wow! I feel so fresh and great!' Or on the other hand you've been playing in mud with your son or daughter, and you step inside the house affirming 'Uck! I feel so dirty and tired!' These statements not only affirm how you feel, but they maintain that state of emotion.

Because affirmations are used in such a manner, to affirm how we are feeling, we can 'switch it up', and consciously create affirmations to sort of 'trick' or coax our sub-conscious into believing that's how we actually feel. That's why in the business world trainees and newcomers are told to 'Act as if', because the sub-conscious can't define what is real or in your imagination, the same process is used to break down information from the outside world and create a picture in your brain.

There are some things however that your sub-conscious will isten to, and some things it won't. For example, you should always keep your affirmations in the present tense. If not, your subconscious will categorize it as 'garbage data'. Make sure that when you create an affirmation it's in the present tense, you want to change right now, not before or after.

You also want to keep in mind that your sub-conscious doesn't see time the same you you experience it consciously. Everything is pretty much now or never. So when creating your affirmations, make sure to not only use the present tense, but form the sentence as if it has already happened. For example, if you want to change from depressed to motivated, what you don't want to do is say something like 'I'm depressed now but I'll be motivated later.' Simply say 'I'm motivated to complete this project.', and leave depression out of the statement completely.

The next step you want to cover is to make sure you use everyday language, which you're accustomed to. It should be completely personalized; in the exact form you normally affirm things to yourself. Remember we're trying to emulate the same way you sub-consciously maintain states of emotions! And the tip I want to share with you about affirmations, is that they MUST be positive. You don't want anything like 'I'll never smoke again.' First of all, the negative trait 'smoking' is included in that statement, and your sub-conscious will focus in on that statement, hindering your effort to quit. Secondly, the word 'never' isn't recognized by your sub-conscious. There isn't 'never' or 'always', there is only now and the energy to focus on. I n that statement, the energy was based around cigarettes, thus you're only affirming you're desire to smoke, rather than creating a positive affirmation to quit.

Please join me in the next article, where I'll go step by step with you about how to create your own positive and life changing affirmations. I'll also cover how to create affirmations specifically for certain habits, and how to use 'Money to Be Made Online' affirmations to build a successful business online!

I hope to see you in the lands of happiness and success, until next time then! Bye!

Submitted by:

Keith Londrie

Keith Londrie II is a successful Webmaster and the owner and publisher of moneytobemadeonline.com A website that specializes in providing tips on how to REALLY make money online that you can research on the internet in your pajamas from the comfort of your own home. Visit http://moneytobemadeonline.com/ today!



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