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Another Affiliate Scam? NO1 on Google in 48 hrs! - Articles Surfing

Another Affiliate Scam?

Affiliate Project XYZ or whatever-6 Figure Income for working a few hours per day?

Affiliates that are making $50,000.00 a month? Don't make me Laugh....

I winced when I read anything like this, and click off the page. Since I first found out about people making money online, I wanted to know how to do it myself. For personal reasons (that I won't go into here) I needed to work from home and obtain a decent income whilst doing so. I spend 1000's of hours surfing and I'm ashamed to say a good pile cash on useless guides and programs. I joined forums and groups and quickly after reading of their experiences decided that the majority of these e-books, programs and tutorial were nothing but a scam. I settled down to plod around, making a lot of sites and going via the tried and tested 'Work Horse' method. In the end, I was making about $300 a month. After making virtually nothing for the first 6 months!!! When I saw the latest affiliate secrets program appear, I thought 'Here we go again'. Another get rich quick scheme. I have to say I ignored it for some time...but then I started to hear whispers, all over the net saying how great it was. Blah blah, I still ignored it.

I am a member of a particularly harsh, clued up Affiliate Forum. (They are straight talkers! They review and report harshly on every single scam and new program on the net. I was grinning when I saw the headline 'New Affiliate project program reviewed'. At last, I thought some one will pull it to pieces and save all the money and cash hungry affiliates wasting their time! I scrolled down till I found a favorite forum poster of mine, he is a cutting, an SEO expert, sharp, harsh and pulls every 'Get rich Quick Scheme' that I've ever seen on the net to shreds.

Boy did I get a shock!!! Here are some real posts from this harsh clued up forum:

Geez, this guy knows his stuff! Damn-if everyone reads this info-I'm outta business.

One guy wrote in another thread that this is the type of product that you don't want a lot of people to know about. I agreed with him but then I forgot a few things.

a) 90% of the people that buy it won't do a thing with it

b) Of the remaining 10%, about 1% will implement it effectively

So I hope I don't need to worry. Damn, can't believe he is selling this info so cheap!

This is only one post out of 50-singing it's praises-Affiliate Scheme ABC this and that-wow, blown away etc. all over the forum!

Took the wind right out of my jaded sales. I thought ok-you know what...lets go see.

I read it all carefully, then the clincher was spotting the money back guarantee if not satisfied plus it was quite cheap-so I thought...hmm why not. So tentatively, I bought Affiliate the product to test.

I thought it would just be an interesting experiment that I could report back on the forum about. I really didn't expect very much to come of my purchase.

Now I also run my own work from home forum and we have a vibrant community and all help each other with tips and knowledge on how to earn from home. I almost felt it my duty to try this out so I could post about 'What a con it was'

I bought this particular un-named product, (let just nickname it Abc for the purposes of this article), downloaded it and was so disinterested in reading it, I forgot about it for a few days.

I really hadn't much faith in it at all. Eventually I got round to reading it-Boy was I mad!

Who was this guy anyway? Who was he to tell me that EVERYTHING I had already learn't about affiliate marketing through damn hard work...was wrong! I had to re-learn everything.

Yes the SEO advice we all get about backlinks, relevant link exchanges etc. is all still very valid however it was interesting to read what this particular 'white hat' internet Guru had to say.

I would have deleted Affiliate (un-named test product) right then and there except...on reading on a little...I got butterflies. Yep, this guy had a lot to say that suddenly made sense. I tried not to but became as excited as a kid on Christmas morning.

Could this be for real? Was (ABC) the holy grail of marketing that I had searched for, for so long? Nah couldn't possibly be.

I tried to ignore it, but if just to prove to the butterflies that they were wrong...I put the info into practice.

After all, I couldn't proclaim it a scam in all honesty unless I tried it right?

It's not a throw up a website in 5 minutes thing, but it was fast I followed every step to the letter (So I could crow after that I had tested APX and it didn't work) Took me about 6 hours.

Now one demand in the Program that put my back up was that is stated categorically-you must use ppc once you make you master site. Well I really wasn't keen to go down that road, I tried that when I first started...lost a lot of money. So I sneakily signed up to a ppc that gave you $50 free. So Apart from the cost of the program, and $8 dollar domain and 6 hours-it had cost me nothing to try it but time.

I got it all set up as per the instructions of 'the internet guru and had planned to market it a little, but unfortunately I had to go away and attend to a family matter for a few days. I quite forgot about the whole thing till I got home, I can only say now that I'm bowled over by the advice and amazing tips and secrets given by the un-named Guru, I'm not going to post fake looking stats, or make you jealous by giving you the actual figures involved. (I never believed these anyway when I saw these 'Actual Screen Shots' did you?)

The Experiment.

You don't have to believe one word that I am saying here-I want you to go and see for yourself with your own eyes. I deliberately threw up a fast unattractive looking blog. Don't judge my web building skills on this please. www.projectxscam.com Within 48 hrs I was No.1 on Google for my search terms. Now this I will show you, you can check this fact yourself online right here at an independent web stats site HERE- http://www.seomoz.org/tools/page-strength.php. Just enter my test subject url. Now-trust me, Im no wizard with SEO, or anything else as a rule. I have never managed to get a no1 spot on google. It just shows you-if you know what your doing it can be done, cost $8 on a domain, marketing and promotion cost to achieve this 0. So learn a little for yourself before you go spending x amount on website promotion!

Now, I'm not able to disclose what's in this report, or it's name, I wont even give you a link to it, that's not the point of the article. What I can tell you is this: I didn't do much on promotion, I didn't spam any one or send out any e-mails at all. This cost me $8.00 for a domain only!

Having now tested 'This internet Guru's Advice' I have to say, forget everything else you know, or think you know about on-line marketing-It's all a lie. I hope Mr. Guru's advice is available for a good long time but suspect that the writer of it will be given suitcases full of money to disappear and join the witness protection program before someone puts a price on his head:)

If it's still available out there-I'm sure you will find it, if you look.

I felt like writing this article to tell everyone a few things that I have realized lately-SEO is important, but slow and time consuming (normally) All (almost 99%) of 'Get Rich Quick' programs available for sale are a waste of money and tell you nothing you couldn't have easily googled yourself. Be extremely careful what you spend your money on, when it comes to internet marketing advice and webmaster tools. 90% of them are useless-the other 9% help a little. Don't give up searching for the 1% that will make all the difference. They do exist-there just really hard to find. Always question every bit of marketing advice you find-no matter where it came from. I don't care that they made a million with their system; do you really think most of them are actually going to tell you how they did it? They will throw you a few tips and leave out all the goodies as a rule, making their product a waste of your money.

If anyone wants to see an update of how my project is going please feel free to email myself webmaster@projectxscam.com or find my forum for an update.

Submitted by:

Bubbles Monte

Bubbles Monte has been succesfully earning a living working from home for many years andrunning a vibrant and free online work from home forum to help other to do the same http://www.work-from-home-ic.com. See her latest experiment http://www.projectxscam.com.



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