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10 Powerful Internet Marketing Strategies That Bring In Sales - Articles Surfing

Increasing website traffic is the name of the game on the internet. It's important to note, however that there is no one thing that can bring instant traffic or ongoing sales. It's a combination of strategies that promote contact and networking.

Not all strategies work for everyone, so it's important to know what the options are, utilize a few that look appealing and stick with what works for you.

Here's a few tips and strategies that have worked for me. Give them all a try or perhaps just one. Any or all can make a healthy difference:

1. Write A Press Release

A press release is not a sales pitch and sales hype is not allowed. It is, however, your chance to provide your business story which can be a powerful form of marketing. When writing your press release you'll want to provide the who, what, where, when, how and why of your business. Create interest by detailing who you are, what you are about, why you went into business, but more importantly, how your customers have benefited.

An effective press release can create a newsworthy story that is capable of creating buzz and interest all across the web for a long time to come.

2. Create A Blog

Whether you have a website or not, a blog is an ideal tool for giving you and/or your business a favorable presence.

Think of a blog as a diary. Create your blog by posting your products and information. Then on a daily or weekly basis add additional products, information or comments. Invite comments from others and before you know it you'll have a steady stream of visitors.

If you don't have a website, creating a blog is a great place to start and you can create one for free. If you do have a website, a blog will help generate visitors. The beauty of blogs is that you can also add Google adsense ads for additional revenue.

3. Create Special Offers

A limited time sales offer will encourage your visitors to act. If you have customers that are interested in your products, give them an occasional boost by holding a sale. Chances are they've been eyeing your products for some time, and with a special offer incentive, they just might take the leap.

4. Use Pay Per Click Advertising

Every internet business owner should consider pay per click advertising. It's fast, it's targeted and can be cheap if done correctly. Therein lies the key, you must research how to create a cost effective pay per click campaign.

It's not rocket science. You simply need to write a compelling ad, research relevant keywords and understand your return on investment. This means that if your product earns you $20 per sale then you must pay no more than 20 cents per keyword, preferably less. For example, on average, your ad will bring in one sale per 100 clicks on that ad. If 100 clicks brings one $20 sale then you've just paid $20 for that ad (100 x .20) and you broke even. Therefore, your goal should be to pay less than 20 cents per keyword but no more. Finding relevant, less popular keywords is goal.

Of course, the better the ad and the better your website's sales copy performs, the more sales you will receive.

5. Write An Article

Don't put this one off. The internet is designed to deliver information and what better way for you to get the word out about you, your business and your expertise than by providing relevant, useful information. If you're selling scrapbooks, write an article on how to scrapbook. A well written article can show someone how easy scrapbooking is, boost their interest and therefore encourage a sale.

If writing an article is not something you feel you can do, have it written for you, it's not expensive and it's one of the best ways to bring traffic to your site.

6. Carefully Optimize Your Site For The Search Engines

Don't build your site and forget it. Utilize the search engines to your benefit by taking the time to optimize your site. Optimization doesn't have to be complex. Simply create a title that clearly depicts what your site is about and write a description that accurately describes to your readers what information you have to offer. Research relevant keyword phrases as opposed to single words and repeat that phrase in your title, description and throughout your page.

7. Create A Newsletter

Your goal should be to keep your viewers coming back to your site over and over again. The best way to keep in touch with viewers is through publishing a newsletter or a periodical that offers beneficial, useful information.

Post a newsletter form on your site and specifically direct your viewers to sign-up. Don't just expect them to notice that you have a newsletter, direct them there and be specific about what your newsletter offers.

By publishing a weekly newsletter you are reminding your readers of your products, sales or upcoming events. Avoid pushy sales tactics and sales hype. Simply offer useful information, tips and advice. Make your newsletter a thing of value by keeping them interested and encouraged.

It's important to remember that it takes an average of 7 visits for a viewer to buy; they're not likely to visit seven times without a reminder.

8. Offer Something Free

We all love free and the internet is no exception.

- If you publish a newsletter, offer a free ebook or free e-course in exchange for an email address. In your newsletter also offer a free tips section that pertains to your site's topic.

- If someone makes a purchase, consider offering a free bonus, this often prompts sales.

- Offer free teleseminars. This is an excellent way to let your viewers hear your voice and experience who you really are. It builds trust and they won't soon forget who you are and what you are about.

9. Make A Donation

Create a promotion where you will be donating a percentage of your proceeds to your favorite charity. Donating money or services to your favorite charity builds trust and a positive image for your business. I'd much rather buy from someone that donates a few dollars to a worthy cause than someone who doesn't.

10. Participate In Discussion Forums

Take the time to find online forums that are relevant to your business. By responding to questions, offering advice or posting your articles, others will see you as an expert in your field as well as someone willing to help. Posting on a weekly basis will allow readers to become familiar with you and your business as well as regarding you as a respected authority.

When registering on a forum be sure to create a signature file that includes your website address. This will post your website address each time you make a forum entry.

Your business will do well to perform each and every strategy noted above, however, performing just one of these powerful marketing strategies will improve your chances of drawing visitors to your site, but more importantly, it will help keep them coming back.

Submitted by:

Elizabeth Mcgee

Elizabeth is a seasoned internet marketer focused on helping anyone interested in building a home internet business by providing free marketing advice, marketing product reviews, free courses, motivation and a friend. Grab Elizabeth's comprehensive free home business and marketing tips newsletter at: http://www.homenotion.com/newsletter.html



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