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11 Extraordinary Ways To Expand Your Subscriber List - Articles Surfing

Here are 11 ways to expand your subscriber list:

1. Use a conversational writing tone. It makes aconnection. Yet, don't get lax on the grammar and spelling.Use personal pronouns (I, me, you and your). Limit thepercentage of I's to half or less of the you's.

2. Spread the knowledge even further by asking yourreadership to forward a copy of your ezine to familymembers, friends, colleagues, or co-workers. Create a"please forward this ezine to" line or two. Give them anincentive, offer a free but-not-free item. This can bechallenging to design.

3. Do you give presentations with slides or a projectionsystem? Add a paragraph about your ezine and how to get iton the test slide. A test slide is the slide you leave upthere when they are seating themselves. Leave it displayeduntil a few minutes before your presentation and then turnit off. By turning it off, it creates a "loss feeling" andthey will pay attention to it the next time you turn it on.

Turn the system on with the test slide displayed and thenswitch to the next slide. The next slide can explain howthey can get your free but-not-for-free product and thedirections on how to receive it. Return to this same slideat the end of your presentation.

4. At this same presentation, pass around a clipboardasking them if they want to register for your ezine. Startpassing at the beginning or even before you start. Use ashort piece, different colored paper, with a note about thefree but-not-free item. Give them three incentives toregister at that time.

5. Send out a press release every time you have a new freebut-not-free item available. Send whenever you have a newcontext, a new article published, or whenever anything elseoccurs. Since press releases require special writing, youmight want to delegate this, especially if you arechallenged with writing from another perspective. If youchoose to learn the lingo, you can learn the how-tos with aGoogle search: Search example: "press release" and "howto". Leave in the quote marks. Don't be nervous aboutsending out too many, some are always missed.http://www.prweb.com/ is a great place to post your pressreleases.

6. Locate web sites that give out awards for outstandingezines. Apply and keep applying. Keep tweaking. Look atprevious winners and model. When you do win one, post iteverywhere on your site and on every issue of your ezine fora year. Also, send out a press release when you do. Ifthey create a press release as well, ask to use that one.Make copies of theirs and give it out at networking events.Remember, you can't win the lotto unless you play. So, getin the game, and apply. Try:http://emailuniverse.com/bestezines/ or search on Googlewith: "ezine award".

7. I'm frequently asked, "How much information should I askfor?" My recommendation is to KISS your subscriber form --"keep it short and simple." Ask for the e-mail addressand/or their first name. If you ask for their first name,tell them why. Example: We like to personalize ourcorrespondence with our subscribers."

8. Set up a section for past issues of your e-newsletters. Irecommend just listing their main topic or the name of thearticle and not by date. People don't like to read thingsthey consider as "old news". If you use a pdf format todeliver past issues there are pros and cons. The pros are:pdf files are smaller to store and send. The con is thatyou loose the opportunity for tagging the item for searchengine listing.

9. After you post your articles in the ezine, expand orsubmit as is to multi-media web sites. Possibility:http://www.goarticles.com. Locations where publishers andeditors will pick up the article. Normally, there are nofees paid, just opportunity for visibility. When publishedsend out a press release. Link their site, not yours, inthe press release, Send them a copy of the release.

10. Readers are tired of not getting any value and aredropping off lists fast, faster than ever. To keep themthere, you MUST provide valuable information (theirperception not yours). The 25/75% rule (you give them 25%and sell them the remaining 75%) is acceptable. Afterreading thousands of ezines, I found that many publishers don'tcome close to providing that percentage.

11. Add an invitation to all your automatic e-mailsignatures. Also, mention the free but-not-free item of themonth. Include an expiration date for that free but-not-free offer. Change the e-mail signatures weekly to maintaininterest.

Copyright, Catherine Franz. All rights reserved.

Submitted by:

Catherine Franz

Catherine Franz is a Marketing & Writing Coach, niches,product development, Internet marketing, nonfictionwriting and training. Additional Articles:http://www.abundancecenter.comblog: http://abundance.blogs.com



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