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Did you notice that the early 90's changed the world? There were massive social and economic shifts. The first was global competition ' if you work for a company, that company now has worldwide competition. An old school friend of mine makes hearing aids. But their competitor makes them for half the cost in Vietnam. So his job is about to go.

Shift 2 was mini computerization - it created laptops and mobiles, DVD and iPods ' and frankly, humans can't compete with these never-complaining tools.

Shift 3 was instant information ' endless channels of digital TV, Broadband, email. Information overload has created a world that is crazy busy, wants instant gratification and has a short attention span. You can find out anything about anything within minutes thanks to the internet.

It used to take a generation to go through these changes. We've gone through them in a few years.

And it was done using 'Mass Marketing' - where the media blanket brainwashed everyone into buying brand products. Nowadays its individualized marketing aimed at you if you're the target client they want to reach ' that's why your credit card transactions get logged and you receive more and more junk mail and email about tings that you like.

Mass marketing was simple when there were only 3 TV channels. Now there are TV channels devoted to just one target client. It's not about selling anymore. It's about building long term relationships with specific people.

The world has changed from local markets to global markets. Look at how many high street shops and banks that are closing. Frankly, it's cheaper to run a call centre and a website, than having to pay staff, rent, rates and maintain hundreds of premises across the country. The high street is doomed. The internet makes going global instantly available to anyone, right now. Teachers are having to be careful with Myspace and Facebook in case their pupils learn their personal stuff.

People are no longer willing to wait for 2 weeks for a book from the bookstore. Amazon can do it overnight. The world is going digital. No post office queues, no waiting. The downside? Our kids know more about it than we do.

We need to be resilient, adaptable., or we're dinosaurs. Rigidity and stubbornness will kill you. 'Hardening of the attitudes' is terminal. Flexibility, being able to learn and being able to use a keyboard will allow you to thrive.

In the book 'Rich Dad Poor Dad' ' Robert Kiyosaki talked about the 4 quadrants ' the Employee, the Self Employed, the Business owner and the Investor. Robert teaches that the only way to prosper is to move into one of the other areas.

How would you like complete financial peace of mind? How would you like to relieve the money pressure? Did you know that the average savings in the typical UK household is '500? Most people are actually 3 months away from homelessness.

You see, you can either trade time for pounds, or pounds for products and services.

You need multiple sources of income. You can't rely on one source of income anymore. In the old days the man was the breadwinner, and the wife stayed at home. Then came the DINKY's ' double income, no kids yet. So both were working, which meant child minders and nurseries. More expenses. In the future I recommend you have a number of tributaries feeding your lake. That brings stability, safety and security, which are what most people are looking for.

Then there's the critical distinction between linear income versus residual income. Linear means work for an hour, you get paid for an hour. The obvious problem with that is that there's a limit to the number of hours you can work in a week, therefore there's an automatic ceiling to your earnings. Residual income is where the word 'royalty' comes from. Do the job once and get paid forever more. Fancy some of that? Every time you create something, you own it, and you sell it for a fee.

The reason you aren't making the money you want is because you're on the clock. And millionaires aren't. That's it. That's the reason. Most people STILL don't understand this.

Most folk keep on following work intensive models that require their own personal efforts and time to make money. As long as you have a model where you're selling your work, what you personally do, instead of selling PRODUCTS or SERVICES, you have a very serious lid on your income.

The ONLY way to make a lot more than you are today is by getting out of that trap. But the model I have been teaching for many years now is one where you find, acquire or create products and those products generate your income for you. Since there is no limit to the number of products you can sell, and the number of customers you can have, there is no limit to your income.

How would you like a simple way to start a second income? A stable, reliable source of money every month. Leave the old world of working hard for a living. If you're sick and tired of trading your hard work for pounds and want to get your own business selling a product or service launched in 2008, so you can trade your product/service for money instead of your time, then let me help you do it

Most people would rather have unhappiness than uncertainty. You know, pure hell forces action, but anything less can be tolerated with enough clever rationalization. The only person who really wants change is a wet baby.

The people who succeed can tolerate the pain of action. It's easy to sit back and learn. I love learning. Maybe you do too. But you are always going to be scared of making mistakes. You are always going to find reasons why not to. The timing will never be right. So stop waiting for the right moment.

Do you know what I've found? People are quick to stop you before you start, but hesitate to get in your way once you're moving.

Rather than hating reality, bend it to your will. Einstein once said 'Reality is merely an illusion, albeit a persistent one'. The real world's rules are merely a fragile collection of socially reinforced illusions.

You need to think of yourself as a 'free agent'. The whole world is splintering away from ungainly behemoth corporations into small office home office [soho] businesses.

You want to quit that job? You want to erase that debt? I don't have a magic bullet for you. But I do have one crystal clear path. Find a group of people. Find out what they need and want. Meet those wants with a product. Provide great service.

You probably have a job you want to escape, bills to pay off, retirement to prepare for. Or special needs like a sick loved one. Or a sickness yourself. There will come a time when its 'One day too many', or 'too many one day'. Well, I offer an escape route for restless professionals.

I can't promise you easy zillions. I can't promise you 6 figures a year easy as pie. What I CAN promise you is that selling products or services works. It's no scam. People have been doing it for thousands of years.

I can promise you that marketing works. Always has. Always will. I can promise you that money and time spent learning marketing can pay off in many ways.

However, there's a trap. You can get stuck learning secrets that you never implement.

Going to seminars is comfortable ' doing is not. Learning secrets is more fun and sexy than doing. But at the end of the day you still have to do, or nothing will have changed. Doing is frustrating because you will always run into snags and things that don't work as simply or as easily or as quickly as you wish they would. Yet the results are in the doing. The people who succeed are the people who do. You can't have until you do. I believe in paying more attention to what people DO than what they SAY.

Do you want to join me on my Client Magnet programme? Or do you want to trade your time for pennies the rest of your life and chase multi-level marketing, the lottery, rainbows and hype opportunity programmes for the rest of your life?

I am here to liberate you by offering you a model that works. A model with integrity. I can promise you that if you find demand, meet it with products & services and well-executed promotions, and you do that over time, it buys you certainty. It buys you hope. It buys you security. So you sleep better. You laugh more often. You live longer. You have time for friends and hobbies.

Now go and create something. Promote it. Adapt.

Submitted by:

Jonathan Martin Clark

Jonathan Clark is an author, Trainer and Coach who was profitable in month one and continues to grow his practice by 34% per year. For more help on filling your books with paying customers see the Events page at www.jonathanclark.org



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