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Building from within is the fastest and most cost effective way to grow your organization. Visions of distributors holding opportunity events, conducting one-on-one interviews and requesting three-way calls with their upline are the things that direct selling executive's dreams are made of. And while there are these precious, self-motivated individuals in every organization, 'how to find more of them,' is the question that is on everyone's mind.

What is the formula that will ignite a wave of sponsoring and infuse your organization with fresh new distributors? Is it a sexy new incentive trip, a 'Triple Bonus Point' program, or perhaps a two-week recruiting blitz with all the bells and whistles? Perhaps. It is certainly true that direct sellers, by nature, love a good contest and all the recognition that comes with it. But then again, it just might be time to listen to the sage advice we often share with our distributors' 'If you keep on doing what you've been doing, you'll keep on getting what you've been getting!'

Today's direct selling executives need to dig a little deeper to find new solutions to their recruiting challenge. Don't get us wrong'we are not suggesting that you do away with the contests and incentives. These are the foundation of your growth strategy and deserve your time, attention and capital. But perhaps there are some new ways you can spur new growth from within, ways that get to the heart of the matter and shift your distributor's perspective on sponsoring.

To do this we need to first look at your distributors blocks and barriers to sponsoring. It comes as no surprise that through interviews, surveys and focus groups throughout the country with distributors representing every product or service possible, the top two barriers to sponsoring were common among all participants.

Let's start with the winner - fear of rejection. While the world continues to evolve at a breakneck speed, human nature remains constant throughout the years... we hate to be rejected. At the risk of simplifying the matter, it is safe to say that nearly all companies are dealing with this barrier as best they can by offering scripts and training on how to approach and interview prospects, encouraging distributors to hone their skills by offering the opportunity again and again, and by offering exciting contests and incentives that inspire distributors to 'push through the fear' and ASK, ASK, ASK! So rather than preach to the choir, let's look at the second fear, the runner up that you may not be addressing quite so eloquently.

The second barrier to sponsoring is' fear of responsibility. Countless distributors have shared that, although a new recruit often helps them move one step closer to earning an exotic trip, winning a prize or receiving the recognition they crave, it does not help them once they've got the new team member!

Here is what we heard' * "I'm not sure what I'm doing yet' how can I be responsible for helping someone else?" * "I don't want to feel like I have to have all the answers or be responsible for their success." * "The thought of others being dependent upon me for the answers scares me to death!"

No matter how many carrots you dangle, how well you train them to offer the opportunity -- what lies on the other side of the 'YES,' could be what is keeping them from growing their organization. The 'responsibility' they feel to train, support and guide new team members after they've joined could be what is holding them back.

Recognizing that distributors do have a responsibility to train and guide their team and receive an override for their efforts, there are still some steps you can take to reduce distributor's fear of responsibility. Let's see how your company measures up.

Check those that apply'

* We address the 'fear of responsibility' in our training material and newsletters and clarify their role as a sponsor according to our program.

* We offer thorough training that address various learning styles, including a detailed and indexed Distributor's Manual (for detail style learners), a variety of audio training tapes and CDs (for auditory learners on the go), Video demonstrations (for visual and kinesthetic learners who like to 'see and do').

* We share the responsibility of training by offering regular corporate training through conference calls, video streaming and satellite events.

* We recognize the importance of the 'coaching relationship' and offer company-wide training on the latest methods of team coaching.

How did you do? Have you adequately addressed the fear of responsibility? Are you offering training that shifts their perspective of what a leader and coach truly is? Could this be a barrier to sponsoring worth looking into?

Research with distributors from a variety of companies revealed that while some 'forward thinking' companies have dedicated time and precious training resources to the topic of team coaching, many distributors feel they are not receiving 'quality coaching' from their uplines.

'The skill of coaching someone toward their goals and dreams is a learned behavior that involves specific skills and tools, borrowed from the practice of professional coaching,' explains Coaching Center Director, Jennie England.

'By teaching leaders these skills and incorporating them into the culture of an organization, companies will begin to see an increase in performance at all levels,' England adds. 'With 85% of the top Fortune 500 Companies using professional coaching skills within their organizations, doesn't it make sense that the direct selling industry can benefit as well?'

Submitted by:

Jane Deuber

Jane Deuber is Co-Founder of http://www.DSWA.org (the only association dedicated to the needs of independent party plan and network marketing professionals). Discover what makes DSWA so unique. Listen to motivating and informative free teleseminars by visiting http://www.mydswa.org/tele_class.asp



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