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You have a choice. Do you want to be constructive and positive in a unique way? Or do you want to be destructive and negative in a unique way? History has proven the futility of the latter goal. So let's focus on your unique capacity to better yourself and those around you.

In western music there are 12 notes per each octave on the keyboard. Only 12 notes. From these simple 12 notes come the various musical works of Mozart, Brahms, Rossini, Beethoven, Donizetti, Bach, Strauss, Wagner, Puccini, Verde, Gershwin, Gilbert & Sullivan, Rogers & Hammerstein. The Beetles, Merle Haggard, Marti Robbins, Louis Armstrong, Elvis, Aretha Franklin, Little Richard, Pointer Sisters and countless other unique performers, composers, and musical forms. What a variety from 12 basic notes!

As a growing copywriter and Cyberspace Marketeer, I often seek new ideas and ways of doing stuff.. But before this process can happen, I have to 'pay my dues.' I do this through research over the Internet. I get out and socialize, during work time and play time. Only afterwards am I able to discover and lay out creative, unique solutions.

When I am given a set of parameters, I must intensely focus upon these, and then forget about them. Within a week a unique idea 'pops' into my consciousness. Several weeks ago, I was consulting with a new client. He had 'Hummingbirds' as part of his logo. He needed a slogan. He is in the restaurant trade. How can I tie the concept of 'hummingbirds' in with food service? Over time we discovered 'Every Bite - Hummingbird Light' Now he has a powerful slogan. We created a good headline featuring his current offering. We listed bulleted benefits (yes, a tiny hummingbird was used as each bullet). And a great slogan. His publicity pulls very well. He is unique in a positive way.

Logo. This is usually a unique graphic. Sometimes it can be a simple choice of font face, relative sizes, and placement. But a 'killer' graphic logo is best. The logo reflects your whole, unique business philosophy and image. It has to be so crystal clear the public recognizes it instantly. The Colonel's bucket. The golden Arches. CocaCola Bottle. No words are needed. Never Copy. You may Modify. Create New is best. Focus on this task. Then let it go. You might 'dream' the solution. Perfect your own unique logo.

Headline. Vital to keeping interest of your target market. Going further with the above 'Hummingbirds' copy we told basically what it was, 'Sunday Evening Roast.' Then, right below that line, we 'painted a picture'
'Imagine yourself dining with your special someone on a secluded terrace. Your cozy wooden table and chair - your temporary sanctuary from a hard plastic world. Your candle gently flickers with each passing breeze. You are enjoying the intimate lightness of Hummingbirds' unparalleled Sunday Roast.'
Needs a little fine tuning - but it works.

Bulleted Benefits. Continuing down
Sumptuous Starter-dishes
Mouth-Watering Main Course-dishes
Seductive Desert-Your choice
Free Glass of Red, Ros', White
(Enjoy wines a step beyond - We taste and recommend)

Slogan (modified) follows. 'Your Traditional British Roast - Every Bite - Hummingbird Light'

After that comes phone number, location, directions etc.

However, at the last minute we decided to add in this area.
'Twiggy' 2-Course (price)
'Henry VIII' 3-Course (price)

Our target market was the British couple or foursome looking for a great Sunday Evening Roast.

Over the years I have collected aids and studied various areas of marketing. Long ago I got copy of active verbs. Recently I got list of 'Hypnotic Words' and successful headlines used over the years. Also a list how different colors effect emotions. These are all great references when I am stumped or want to make my copy even better. Some of the 'greats' which come to mind are Claude Hopkins, Jay Abraham, Ted Nicholas. Actually, some of the best ideas can be found on current Internet sales letters. Occasionally I find the rare good headline in SPAM sent me. Yes, I even study some SPAM.

I have discovered my target market. They need my copywriting skills...the undercapitalized, open-minded, serious entrepreneur. Nobody in my immediate vicinity practices principles of good copywriting. I am unique. I am creative. My clients are unique. They seek creative solutions. They are fun to work with. Our creative ideas keep amplifying each other's.

No matter what profession(s) you are into at this time, develop your uniqueness, discover your creativity, dream your solutions. The more you practice, the easier it becomes. By the way, I had no idea what I would write about this month. I kept thinking and thinking. Then 'pop' - here it is. Now to polish it up 24 hours from now. 828 words now and finally edited down to 794.

Submitted by:

Robert Leggett

Robert Leggett serves individuals and business owners globally. He helps them grow their business and enrich their lifestyles. Article Archives: (http://www.CyberspaceMarketeer.com) Products & Services: (http://www.EarnYourLiving.com)



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