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Email Marketing Lesson: The Easiest Way To Make Your Email Newsletters Effective - Articles Surfing

If you grasp today's lesson with clarity and apply the principles to your future Email Marketing campaigns I know you will not only be sporting a spring in your step but your wallet will need to be expanded as well. Oh, and I almost forgot, mastering these principles won't take a lot of your time and it isn't hard to learn. After today's lesson you will understand the easiest way to make your Email newsletters effective.


If you are like most people, you experienced a very positive emotional reaction when you read the paragraph above. If you are like most people you are still reading because you want to find out how you can have that emotion again and again.

The first part of this lesson fulfilled a universal emotional need. If you were able to actually see yourself with a 'spring in your step and a fat wallet' I imagine you were smiling.

Draw a positive emotional response from your Email newsletter subscribers and watch the open rate skyrocket, the click rate jump,and the response rate amaze you. And this not only works when you sell happiness, it works with a whole bunch of other universal emotions like:

-Peace of mind. What do you think life insurance is all about?

-Understanding. What do you think those books for 'people who are dummies' are all about?

-Saving time. What do you think those kitchen gadgets that cook up a tender, juicy roast in 15 minutes are all about?

-Making things easy. What do you think most of the technology we love and enjoy is all about?

And the granddaddy of them all...

-Saving money (the emotion is healthy pride or feeling smart). How many products have you purchased because you thought using the product would save you money?

And the list doesn't stop there.

Years ago the founder of Revlon cosmetics admitted to selling nothing more than 'hope'.

In the factory we make cosmetics; in the drugstore we sell hope. - Charles Revson (founder of Revlon Cosmetics)

Look around you and you will start to notice companies who sell fun, love, friendship and many other emotions all masked in a packaged product or service.

I already mentioned this principle was pretty easy to get a hold of and I wasn't joking. If you take a few steps back from your product or service you will quickly see what positive emotional reaction you think people will have when they partake of what you are offering.

After you have a firm grasp of this emotion, simply place it in your next Email Newsletter!

Here is a checklist you can use to make sure you get it right (you can do one, or all of them):

*Describe the emotion you want your Email subscribers to feel.

*Paint a picture, in words or with graphics, that will bring forth the emotion. (Why do you think there are smiling people in so many advertisements? The seller wants us to feel happiness when we think of their product or service! The seller wants us to think we will be happy if we purchase their product or service!)

*Twirl the emotion around your product or service throughout your Email.

*Tell (and show) your e-newsletter subscribers how they will feel when they get your product or use your service.

Data and facts and figures are great but the majority of people just want to feel a positive emotion. Give your e-newsletter subscribers a spark of that emotion and you'll see a positive reaction - your subscribers will indicate they are hungry for more of that emotion!

Hungry for more means:

* Your e-newsletter subscribers will stay on your list (which is good, if you don't make a sale today, you just might make a sale with the e-newsletter you send next week.)

* Some of your e-newsletter subscribers will purchase your product or service today.

Now, the readers of this lesson who have not had their 'ah-ha moment' or 'I get it' are saying...

"This is the sleaziest thing I have ever heard!"

Is it?

I'm not telling you to lie to your Email Newsletter subscribers! If your product or service is not intended to bring forth some type of positive emotional reaction, your troubles can't be addresses in this lesson.

I am simply suggesting you use the emotions you think are attached with your product to promote and sell it.

You have to be clear on the emotion your product is attached to. Linking 'peace of mind' to an Email newsletter selling motorcycles might not be too intelligent. Many people have the perception that motorcycles are unsafe. Attach freedom and fun and you'll be writing a five star e-newsletter.

Want to get started?

*Identify the emotions you want to attach to your product. *Use the checklist provided above.

And write an e-newsletter that will put a spring in your step. Be careful though, you'll have to dance around your really fat wallet.

Submitted by:

Joan Pasay

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