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Free Article Spinning ' How To Take The Words Right Out Of Someone's Mouth - Articles Surfing

Online article marketing is a great way to build interest in your company. You submit free articles to a variety of free content sites. Someone uses the article from those sites on their own website, thus distributing it (along with your name and reputation) across the internet.

However for article marketing to work effectively, you must write a lot of articles ' some say five to six articles per day. That takes a lot of time and work, especially if you are not a writer by trade. You need to focus on your business. How do you find the time to write five to six new articles every day?

The answer is easy ' you don't. It's called spinning. It is easy to refresh information into a whole new format. Here are simple steps to follow to create quick, easy articles.

1. Decide what topic you want to write about. If you are using it in your article marketing campaign, the subject should be closely related to your business. If you are a veterinarian, it should be about something related to animals and their care. You may have your own opinions about politics or religion, but your free article is not the place to air them.

2. Write down what you know about a topic. For example, if you're a real estate agent and writing about avoiding foreclosures, write down what you know about the subject.

3. Use your favorite search engine to seek out more information about the topic. You may find there are new products available or new research that enhances or changes what you already knew. Write that new information into your article, using your own words. For example, the real estate agent may find statistics about the foreclosure rate in his or her area. He or she may also find out about some new legislation in the works to help prevent foreclosures.

'Using your own words' is the most important part of step three. Plagiarism, that is, using someone else's words and claiming they are your own, is not only wrong, it violates copyright laws. You could easily be sued for it, so don't try it. The standard rule is that there should be at least a 40% difference in content between two articles.

Instead, when you find interesting new information, all you have to do is give credit where credit is due: 'According to a new report by X Corporation, this vaccine can react negatively with'.' is acceptable attribution.

If you don't need attribution for a fact, all you have to do is simply rework the article so that it sounds like you are saying it. For example, if you find an article that says, 'The patient was benefited by the use of Zyrtec.' You can reword it to say, 'By using the steroid inhaler, the patient's symptoms improved.' By simple changes in wording, you can make the information your own and, in many cases, you can make your article more readable. We've all read articles that sounded so stilted that we're left scratching our heads and saying, 'What does That mean?' By reworking a sentence into your own words, you can make information a lot clearer for your readers.

It can also be helpful if you rearrange sentences and paragraphs so they are in a different order, the rework the transitions between paragraphs.

Another way to make information your own is to add examples from your own experience. For example, if you are a dermatologist and are writing an article about microdermabrasion, you could cite a statistic about it, and then relate it to your patient, Claudia 'whose skin improved notably after two treatments.' True examples are always a great way to draw a reader into the information.

Amazingly, there are software programs called article spinners that will even do many of these techniques for you. You could make a website composed of hundreds of versions of the same article if you wanted to. But there would be something missing if you didn't spin the information yourself.

By putting information in your own words, your free articles add a fresh voice to article marketing. Read your finished article aloud: It should sound like your telling a friend something about your business. Your fresh voice will result in more visits to your website and more business for you.

Submitted by:

Moe Tamani

Moe Tamani is a SEO Marketing expert and Internet Marketing Strategies consultant.



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