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Now, in Google also you have keywords. Besides the ad, people want to know what kind of keywords do I use. Perfect Wealth Formula has explained to people what kind of keywords they should be using and yet they use other keywords. One type of keywords that you cannot use is general keywords. Do not use keywords like home based business, home based business online, make money online, make money, home based business now, network marketing, MLM, those are all too generic. Not only generic, but they are so general that you have other people who think like you do and it is the first thing that comes to their mind, so they are trying the same thing that you are and it ends up that a lot of people are doing the same thing, therefore it bids up the word and you pay a lot more for your click.

You want to try and stay away from that, and you will not get the results that you are looking for. The best way to do pay per click advertising is to have very nice targeted campaigns, and we call them niches, and you get the best results. Now, who do you target, how do you target other people in this industry? Very simple. You can target other companies in our industry, in MLM or a top tier industry, or 1-ups or 2-ups or direct cash programs, gifting programs. Those are keywords, you can use those as keywords. You can put your ad under that keyword and guess what, when people look up for that information or look up that opportunity and decide what they want to do, something like that, they will see your ad and they like it and they will click on it. And the person that clicked on it is most likely a person that is already looking for a business or had a business before, so you are hitting your target market.

How about the different people in different programs in our industry? Well, how do I find these people? Just go in there and look up the programs and find the people. Find the top and middle earners in that program and you can put an ad in there in pay per click. Now, we have to warn you on one thing. It is not ethical to put your ad under people in your own program or opportunity. That is not ethical. Do people do it, yes, we see it all the time, but it is not ethical. Perfect Wealth Formula does not do it and we never have. Do onto others as you would have them do onto you. If you do that, I would not be surprised if you have people doing the same thing to you, so we do not do that.

On with more keywords. Let me back up and tell you a little bit more on how to search for those. Simply go into Google, look up a program, then you can see the people who are advertising. Those people are keywords. Whether you click on their ads and find out who it is, whether you see them in the search engine listings, anywhere where you can find them in the program there, those are keywords you can use and you can put your ad under there. As far as programs, as far as finding those, you can just do some searches in the search engines and find them. That is my main little trick to finding programs to market under, and this is one reason why you always have an endless supply of keywords, courtesy of other people. Here is our secret.

In your email, and we know you get emails everyday, we know you get lots of them, we do, we get hundreds everyday. There are always people that are trying to pitch you on something. If you have been in this industry for a little while you are going to get email from other people in this industry trying to pitch you on their opportunity or program or why their program is the next best program. If you have been in this industry for a while and you do not get those types of emails, just start going around the internet signing up for different programs, other peoples' lists, and all of a sudden after a while your name and email will get spread around, plus those peoples' list that you are on, all of a sudden you will get all types of emails from people in this industry. Also, if you are on safe lists you could get all types of email from there from all different types of people, that is probably the best bang for your buck and you do not have to pay anything, just subscribe to them.

But, we are on these lists and we get hundreds of emails everyday just like you do. I am in a program, Perfect Wealth Formula, you are in a program, whatever program you are with, great, if that is what you are promoting, fine. People will email you on their programs, so in my inbox, I open it up and open up some emails whenever I feel like it, because I get tons of emails in my inbox, and all of a sudden somebody is marketing to me that this program just came out like last month, or this week, or last week, or five or six months ago, or yesterday, whatever it might be, they are marketing this mlm program, this 1-up or 2-up program, straight cash program, gifting program, or product, or system in the industry that someone just came out with. Well, I really do not read into it too much, but I say thank you, thank you, thank you for giving me another keyword to market under for free.

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George Collins

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