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Making Money Online: Pick A Strategy And Stick With It - Articles Surfing

If there is a well kept secret about internet marketing it is this: you need to have a workable strategy in order to make money.

I have read countless ebooks on internet marketing that explain in general terms what you need to do to create a profitable online business. Most people know that you need to have a website, blog, or some other kind of stable online presence to start with. Okay, great. So most of these guru types will tell us a little more about what kind of content we should have on our sites and blogs, along with some other tips.

For example, newsletters are income generators. Building a list, as the experts say, is one of the best ways to make a steady income. Okay, and maybe they will actually go into how you can do this. What they don't really tell you is that creating a newsletter and building a list is a strategy.

It's a popular strategy and it can work wonders, or, fail miserably depending on how you execute it. The point is, that strategies are what separates the serious marketers from those who are cluelessly hopping from one thing to another.

This is not something that's talked about much, in fact, I've only recently figured this key idea out for myself. Most newbies will not know that this is the reason they are failing to get anywhere in their efforts.

What is a strategy?

A method of doing something to reach a specific goal.

Here are four basic strategies that are popular with internet marketers:

Strategy #1: Build niche websites and monetize it with Adsense

This strategy involves picking a specific topic for a website, let's say, it's going to be about blenders. You are going to feature and review several types of popular blenders. You build your blender site, then put Adsense ads on the pages. Ideally, people will visit your blender site, read the information, and some will click on the ads, which will most likely feature blenders and other household products.

Your next site is going to be about car stereos. You build a site that reviews different car stereos and again, put the Adsense ads on it. You repeat this several times, until you have many sites in various niches making you money from Adsense.

Strategy #2: Promote affiliate products using pay per click (PPC) advertising

This strategy involves picking various affiliate products and promoting them using Adwords or another pay per click program. You will have to create a landing page for each product and write good Adwords ads that attract visitors to click on them. Once they reach your landing page, you hope that many will click through to the affiliate vendor site and buy the product. You will make an affiliate commission each time someone makes a purchase.

Strategy #3: Creating your own information products and newsletter

This strategy involves researching a topic and creating an ebook that you will sell to a certain group of people who are very interested in this subject. Once the ebook is done, you will create a newsletter and have people subscribe via an autoresponder. People will sign up for your newsletter to gain access to some great free information. You will offer your ebook to your subscribers. You will keep all the money you make from these sales.

Strategy #4: Create content for others with your own writing service

This strategy involves offering your skills as a writer to people looking for someone who can write articles, website content, and ebooks for them. You can either set up a website and offer pre-written content (PLR) for sale, or visit various forums and offer your writing services on a one-on-one basis. You get paid when someone buys a PLR package, or when you complete a writing assignment for a client.

There are many more successful strategies than this, but these four are examples of specific ways that people are making a good income online. What you need to do is identify a winning strategy that someone is doing and then laser focus on that one particular method. Stick with it until you have mastered it completely and you are making some decent money from it.

Identifying, writing down and following your own marketing strategies is a sure ticket to success.

Submitted by:

Star Smith

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