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Managing Your Home-Based Business Means Constant Change - Articles Surfing

The internet is made up to give people news or information, the latest information. We are always changing things, we just made a new change in the sales page this week, you will notice different things on there. We will continue making changes. We are always testing and doing different things to get the best conversion rate for our customers. So saturation, there is no such thing, it is just a myth. Again, except if you are a part of a ponzi scheme or a scam, those are meant to be saturated real quick and close down, or the owner will leave off shore with all your money. You just have to make yourself different. Even if you say I cannot write a new ad, we have instructional videos that show you exactly what you need to do to create an ad. We are going to give you a piece of software that will make sure that you ad is correct every time.

If you say look, I cannot create a landing page, or I cannot make one different, find one that you can edit, find one that is easy. You should know how to create your own page and if you do not, then you need to learn. There are books out there on the net or in book stores, and if you do not want to take the time or do not have the time, that is okay, outsource it, pay somebody else. It does not cost a bundle to get a page put up, it might cost you a few hundred bucks, it is not that much. If you need somebody to write the page for you hire somebody to write it for you. Go to some of the sites on the internet where it lists people, or you can even put up a description of what it is that you want somebody to do and get the people to tell you what they are capable of doing, what their expertise is and you can tell them what you want to pay them. This is what I want done and this is what I will pay you.

There are always ways to get things done if you have the will, if you have the will then you can get anything done, and I have written about this in previous articles about seeing things in your mind before you actually do it. Same with email series, auto responder series, you can get somebody to write those too, or you can write them yourself. You can always adjust things. You are probably thinking well, what kind of content what kind of change on my landing page or lead capture page. Well, how about giving an update on yourself, what you have done so far. You can make a whole section on your lead capture or your landing page that is current news or up to date news about yourself or what is going on. And in that one section everything else remains the same, it could be like in the middle of the page, and everything else remains the same except for that section, you are always changing that from month to month.

You can give an update on yourself, on what you are doing, on the opportunity, or product that you are selling or what is new with the product, what is going to happen next. Maybe you are coming out with your own new system, different things that you add, or you made this many sales, you can always be updating new things. This is what you are going to do in the future, this is what is going to happen next, so that people will always know what is going on, that is nice cutting edge information that always changes and is very true and it is always current to your situation. If you say well, I do not have any current news about myself, then give some updated news about the program or the product that you are promoting. If you are talking about my company we always have something going on.

We are about to add a boatload of videos for the higher members area. We are contemplating on adding downloads to the audio recordings of our training calls. We are probably going to make these training calls only for product owners, the upper levels, where basic members cannot listen to them. Now they can listen to the initial calls here, but we are contemplating on doing that. We are going to be adding an awesome product, we are adding products monthly to the higher level area and a lot of videos, but we are coming out with a huge product for our company that is going to be added to the higher level area this fall. We have the only two level instant payout system. There is no other company that has that. There are some that tried to copy and make a two level or more program and make a weekly or daily payout, but none have an instant payout. They collect the money and then send it out.

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George Collins

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