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After joining the network marketing business, I soon realised that it is not as simple as I always thought. First, there is a need to change the mindset. For a network marketer, everything has to be positive, before joining network marketing, there is alway some element of negativity on certain aspects and issues. As a person in construction sector, some time during coffee drinking session, there tend to be conversation that goes like this 'the economy is not so good now, projects are so little, rather difficult to get project at good price', conversation like this is rather common. Another case is when we ask some people how are they, they almost always responded 'not so good lah'. There were many instances which I behave these way too. I soon realised that positive thinking has an important impact on our daily life. Like the conversation above that we always mentioned that economy is not good and there are not many projects around, it is like we are constantly reminding ourselves and our brain that it is okay not to have many projects to work on and it is not we are lazy but it is the fault of the economy that we are unable to get more projects. I realised that we engage in that kind of conversation to make ourselves feel much better at the end of the day and actually to suit the lazy nature of ourselves. Of course, if we continue to give our brain that kind of message, then our brain will be convinced day by day that there is indeed not many jobs around and there is not much point going to solicit for job and that it is indeed okay to be complacent. In network marketing, positive thinking is extremely important as the business is built by expanding the network and selling, it is the expanding the network part that need strong mental strength as distributor are bound to be rejected by people when they solicit prospects to joint their network just like I had rejected people who approached me on many occasion. Rejection is the order of the day and people are trained to treat rejection as an event and not themselves being rejected. Positive thinking help people to accept rejection as part and parcel of the business and the more rejection you face, the closer you are to success. I remember when I first joined network marketing and in various coffee drinking session, whenever I said something negative, my sponsor or uplines will immediately correct me or remind me the importance of positive thinking as accordingly we are all leader in our own group and we therefore have to be positive so that we can have positive influence on our organisation. Another">All of us always remind ourselves the power of positive thinking so much so that the element of negative thinking slowly disappear from our mind. It is like if we continue to pour clear water in to a cup of dirty water, the water in cup soon become clearer and clearer. So that bring us to the point that majority of people actually only feed the part of their body below their neck and they never bother to feed the part of body above their neck, what I mean is that people continue to feed their stomach but they seldom feed their brain with positive information so much so that they allow the people surround them or the environment or the media to pollute their mind with negative matters, I am not saying that the media only publish the negative story but it is a known fact that people are more attracted to negative news and reporting. Have you ever notice that negative news are mostly published on the front page not because the media like to but it is what the readers like. Imagine if our mind is exposed to all the negative element for 30 years and if we do not bother to input it with positive element, then the net result will be a negative thinking.

If you are going into a competition and if you think you have no chance of winning, then for sure you are definitely not going to win. If you are doing a new project and if you think there is a chance you are going to fail, then you have in fact already failed. When you say 'I can' or 'I can't', you are indeed correct as you are telling your brain whether you can or you cannot do certain thing.

It is not I had never heard or learned about positive thinking, but after joining network marketing, the importance of positive thinking is deeply anchored in my mind. I have in fact benefit much from positive thinking as the positive ways we look at things has indeed resulted in improvement in all aspects of life not to mention my other businesses.

Submitted by:

Khoo BT

Mr BT Khoo is the webmaster of Mlm Malaysia http://www.realestate2u.com.my/mlm/



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