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Many home business folks for whatever reason struggle in this industry and continue to struggle for most of their careers. Thet are great people, and many have a lot of the skills that are needed to Succeed in this industry.

Many go to seminars, listen to the audios, attend the webinars, are on all the conference calls, read the books and do what they are taught to do. It seems they are on a one way track to Success as hard as they are working.

They make the phone calls. They do the appointments. They retail the product. They do the three ways. They train their folks. And they even do beyond what is required from them. They step up to the plate and are there for when they are needed and truly are a team player. They are well liked, and respected.

These great folks are the backbone of any organization. They are the true "worker bees" and their goal is to make something happen that will produce the results they are looking for. They consistently create activity and they are not shy about telling you about their results.

Or lack of them.

If there was a tonic that could be given to these people- I wish that I had it. But it does not exist. Most people that I just described are thinking about their lack of results, lack of volume, lack of income, and the growing lack of belief.

Sound familar?

This is typical of a lot of home business entrepreneurs today. They are GREAT people, and want the best for their family and team- but it aint' happening.

And they wonder- "What am I doing wrong? I am making the calls, doing the appointments, and holding the conversations- but nothing seems to be moving forward. I have made a great effort for Success."

True. But you have not made THE EFFORT in your business. And that One Effort determines everything else that happens in your business.

It impacts your phone calls.
It impacts your emails.
It impacts your prospecting.
It impacts your retailing.
It impacts your presentations.
It impacts dramatically your energy.
As well as your paycheck.

Some people call it THE POWER of Success- and others call it "The Decider" of Success. No matter the industry or venue.

It is called -- DECISION.

Most people NEVER Succeed in their home business because they have never DECIDED to Succeed. And THAT is one of the most powerful factors in everything you do.

And I am NOT talking about making a choice. We all choose things daily. That comes from the mind and can be changed. What I am talking about is the FORCE and Power of the HEART. ALL Decision is birthed from the heart and is non-negotiable. It is undeniable. And it is like a non-stop GPS System that is guiding you and empowering you to get to the destination you have programmed it for:


When you DECIDE to Succeed, all aspects of your home business are taken to a whole new level. And your strugle starts to dissipate almost immediately.


Decision can be felt in everything you do including your words and actions. When you decide to Succeed at something, people take you more seriously. They respond to you more positive. They listen more intently. They are drawn towards you versus repelled by you. They LIKE what they are feeling and hearing from you. It is a Force that is felt in the person's heart- as your heart is unleashing the Power of Decision.

And they want to be a part of something so powerful that it made you to step up and Decide that this was going to take you to the top.

And they want to go with you.

If all of that happened - and your results radically changed- would that increase your revenues?


That is the single greatest reason why you need to DECIDE from the Heart that you will not be denied, and no matter what- you will Succeed. That action alone puts you in the top 3% of people in this industry, and
you will start seeing "3% Results."

Bottom Line: People respond to people that have decided to Succeed much more positive than folks who have not. The Prospect is FEELING from someone who has decided- a Conviction and Confidence that most will never know. They refuse to step out and DECIDE there are no other options and this is their ONLY option- Success.

If you did that and really decided that there was no other alternative- would it change your mind set? Yes. Would it change the tone in your voice? Yes. Would it change the way that you look at your plan of action? Yes. Would it change how you approach this business?


Decide today. Put your heart out there and say, "Enough is Enough! I am tired of listening to people that cannot get me where I want to go. Today- I draw a line in the sand, and I Decide that Success is my only option- and my only course of action. Period. No exceptions- no excuses- only Success. It is done."

Try this little exercise. It can start to totally change the way you look at this business- and YOU.

Would that be rocking for your Networking Home Business Success?

Oh yeah!


Submitted by:

Doug Firebaugh

Doug Firebaugh is one of the top MLM Network Marketing Trainers in the world. Over a million people a month read his training ezine. He spent the last 7 years traveling the world speaking and training on Success. He lives in Birmingham Michigan, and you can receive a FREE subscription to his training ezine- The MLM Success HEAT- at: http://www.passionfire.com/pf_heat_4.html http://www.passionfire.com



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