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So Why Does The Reverse Funnel System Work? - Articles Surfing

The Reverse Funnel System seems to have taken the marketing world by storm. Ever since Ty Coughlin and the Inner Circle unleashed this system the buzz just refuses to die down. Is this system worth a closer look? Does it deserve some scrutiny or is it just another of those get rich quick schemes that will never work in the long run. By examining the Reverse Funnel System and doing some serious research about it has made me a believer that there is actually substance to the whole hoopla.

At the end of the day, when is a marketing strategy successful? The answer is: Only when it manages to 'market' something. It may sound simple but that is exactly how it is. If you are not able to sell something then you don't really have a marketing strategy. The Reverse Funnel System does work because the numbers point to it. Ty himself is the living, breathing proof of the success of this system and so are the many people who have implemented this system with their Global Resorts Network businesses'. Reports have been coming in of complete and total rank amateurs, even students who have had three to four sales within a week or two of implementing Reverse Funnel System!

So why does Reverse Funnel System work and how does it do what it does? Examining this led me to uncover a bit of history of this system. This system was basically crafted after the Inner Circle observed the failings of many new home business owners and their utter failure at closing leads. The Inner Circle observed how many were struggling to get to their clients and how they were not getting any closer. So they designed a system that would take out the human factor out of closing customers.. Another issue that many newbie's were facing was that they could not drive much traffic to their websites. Traffic generation requires precise skills that many newcomers to the home business lacked entirely. The system had to automate that as well in order to succeed.

Ty and the Inner Circle have thus invented the Reverse Funnel System with three goals of automating traffic generation, automating traffic conversion and providing quality advertising co-op opportunities to all that choose to participate in the Reverse Funnel System. They used their extensive experience in the online marketing industry to make their system work. Every bit of this system takes a scientific approach in order to be successful and its success can be measured quantitatively by looking at the numbers. This is a system that is actually a 'system' unlike so many others that just claim to be systematic but are in reality just some stuff put together and sold to poor gullible people for a lot of cash. Now it may be possible that some of these so called systems actually do work but, Really do they give you a step by step approach on how to put it all together?

The Reverse Funnel System is one of the few if not the only marketing strategy available to you today that can actually give you a very clear and concise pathway to success. It not only teaches you how to implement the system in itself on your home business but it also gives you the very same information that the creators of the RFS use themselves everyday! Why would you think anyone would do that? The only reason is that the system by itself is so successful that the people who made it have every reason to have faith in it. If it works for them, it works for one and all who implement the system whole heartedly.

Now you think about it. What if you had a plan, you had a strategy to implement that plan and what's more important you even knew how you could promote that plan to others? Wouldn't it automatically give you a marketing edge? With the compensation plan of Perpetual Leverage the real money to be made is by helping your team members successful. It is perhaps the last part that is the most important aspect of the RFS. The idea that you can help others achieve their financial goals by teaching them to implement the Reverse Funnel System and the benefits of their success creates your own! By promoting your home business you also create more entrepreneurs down the road. You get the benefit of experience and you can share it with others as well. There are no meetings to attend, no pushing people to buy things, in fact it's the other way around!

The Reverse Funnel System is unlike anything I have experienced in marketing. It not only provides a solid marketing strategy that works over and over again but it basically opens a door to success for those who are using it. Thousands of people who utilize the great product called Global resorts Network (GRN) have already witnessed what the Reverse Funnel System can actually achieve in a very short period of time. Some have written words upon words of testaments to it on the Internet and elsewhere. Why should they not? After all it is the system that has been transforming lives ever since it was born. It is one of the few products out there today that can really claim to be revolutionary though that term is over hyped and overused in this day and age. So now you do know why RFS actually does work and how it works. Not many people who know will resist the temptation to change their lives and it is quite understandable. Feel free to call me if you'd like more information. 215-393-9378 EST

Submitted by:

Julie Booz

Julie Booz'a Microsoft Certified Professional with extensive business management expertise'also offers Specialized IT advice to help members of her team who may be new to the Internet. "This is the biggest challenge that many of my team members face," she explained. "Knowing that I can help them with their computer needs gives them confidence in joining with me, as I can teach them what they need to know about computers, as well as running a PC-based home business." For more information about the inventive Reverse Funnel System and home business opportunities available through JHBLifestyles, contact Julie Booz directly at 215-393-9378. Or visit http://www.JHBLifestyles.com .



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