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Breast Enlargement Surgery: Potential Risks, Consequences and Recuperation - Articles Surfing

With the growing demand for larger breasts among woman, breast enlargement procedures have become better and safer. Like any other surgical procedure, there may be severe fall-outs of the operation and it is advisable to understand all the dangers involved before taking such a decision. The complications, though rare, may include:

* Furrows or ridges on the skin on the breast
* Implant damage causing leakage and flattening of the implant
* Displacement of the implant within the breast
* Capsular contraction, implying a painful condition where the breast hardens or becomes misshapen because of scar tissue formation
* Desensitization of tissue and skin on the breast and nipple
* Calcium deposition in tissue surrounding the implant

Mammograms and breast implants

It is a common concern with breast implants that they 'block' the view of underlying tissue when a woman undergoes a mammogram. As a result, mammogram results maybe inaccurate. Although these are unconfirmed findings, it is always safer to discuss such issues with your doctor before agreeing to an implant procedure.

Women, who have a family history that requires regular mammogram screening, should take a precautionary baseline mammogram preceding the operation. This precautionary measure is age-dependent and heavily influenced by family history. Often, if the situation doesn't demand it, women can proceed with the implant operation and continue to have regular mammogram screenings as required.

Duration of breast implants

Although an accurate expiry date cannot be tagged on every implant, statistics show that the range of implant duration varies between 6 months to 20 years. Following data from recent research, it is safe to assume that the average life-span of an implant is 16 years.

Removing your implants

There is no fixed reason for the removal of implants. You may ask your doctor to remove your implant whenever you wish it. Many women remove their implants because they are not happy with the results. However, the age at which the procedure was carried out also determines implant removal. Based on that age, it is possible that a woman will have her implants replaced or removed once or more times in her lifetime.

The duration for which the impant has remained in the breast can affect the size and shape of the breasts upon removal. If the implants have been enhancing the breast for several years, upon removal, the breast will probably sag and look droopy. The severity of these after-effects depends upon the kind and size of implant used. Many surgeons recommend a breast lift to combat the ill effects of breast implant removal.

Post-surgery and recuperation

This surgery is a major procedure and a patient generally requires someone to help with normal task for a few days after the operation.

The breasts are wrapped in a gauze dressing and the doctor will ensure you wear a either a surgical bra or an elastic band. These dressings must not be exposed to water, and drainage tubes may be placed into the surgical cuts to facilitate removal of fluid.

About a week after the procedure, the gauze bandage is removed and the patient is advised to wear a sports bra or a normal bra with no under-wire support. This is the instruction for several weeks following the bandage removal. Initially, as the breasts are taped into position, they tend to look hard and swollen. As the swelling reduces, gradually they start looking natural and feel more comfortable.

High arm movements should be restricted to avoid the stretching or displacement of implants. Any position higher than armpit level is a strict no-no after the operation, while the breast heals. Exercises, including aerobics are not allowed for a month after the procedure and you may even be told to stay off sexual activity for longer than a week following the procedure.

The sutures are removed within ten days and the healing process ensures that bruising or any swelling that remains disappears in the weeks following the operation.

Although, there will be some scarring, they are not a cause for any concern. After the breast tissue heals, the scars, initially pink in the months after the surgery, generally fade away and are not very visible.

Submitted by:

Dr. Paul Smith

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