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Cosmetic Surgery Eyelid Lifts: Recuperation and Risks of the Surgery - Articles Surfing

No surgery is ever a risk-free procedure, even if it is a simple operation. Some points must be kept in mind when before heading for an eyelid lift. Discuss these with your surgeon, and clear out your concerns about any procedures with him. The doctor will always help you out with such questions.

Risk Factors in Eyelid Surgery

There may be some short-lived early side effects, like blurring in your vision, or double vision. There have been patients whose eyes sting as if they have grit lodged in their eye, as well as excess tear-formation. Sometimes, vision is affected so to make viewed objects seems different from their actual size and shape.

Normally these side-effects are temporary phenomena, and do not have serious consequences. However, some seemingly innocuous complications such as dry eyes, inability to shut eyelids completely, severe scarring or eye-lid drooping are more serious than the issues mentioned earlier.

In the majority of such situations, these complications fade away with the passage of time, but if they are persistent problems then subsequent surgical procedures may be required to rectify the complications.

More serious, but rarer in its occurrence is a complication that causes bleeding behind the eyes. When this condition develops there is an increase in the pressure around the eye, which is a serious complication. Surgery may be required to alleviate this pressure.

If you have a history of any medical conditions, serious or otherwise, it is best to share it with the doctor before deciding on a surgical procedure for eyelid lifts. Certain conditions are known to lead to serious complication post-surgery. These include, but are not limited to, thyroid irregularities, insufficient tear-formation, hypertension, heart problems and diabetes. If you have a history of one or more of these conditions, your doctor must be informed as they can increase the risks you may face because of surgery.

Post-Surgery and Recuperation

Recovering after the procedure is not an easy time. As the comfort of the anesthetic fades, your eyelids will feel clamped and painful, and may even burn. For about ten days after the surgery, the eyelids may remain swollen.

To expedite your recovery, it is important to keep the blood flow around the eyes at a minimal level. To this effect, you must raise the head above the level of the heart when in a supine position. During the first two days after the surgery, ice packs and cold compresses aid in decreasing the swelling around the eyes. It is also advisable to not consume any hard liquor in the days immediately following your surgery. Alcohol causes further drying of the eyes, and may lengthen your recovery time by a considerable amount.

It takes about three to five days after the surgery to take out the stitches over the surgical incision. Once this removal takes place, the eyes may itch or even become sticky. It is imperative that you clean the area around the eye regularly for a week or ten days after the stitch removal. In severe cases, you may be advised to lubricate your eyes using artificial tear-drops, or eye-drop, or even eye-lubricant, especially at night.

It is advisable to not wear contact lenses for about a fortnight after the operation. There will be some bruising around the eye area, and some patients [prefer to wear large sunglasses to cover the bruised area. Sunglasses are also good protection against harsh light and dust particles as even several weeks after the surgery the eye will be extremely sensitive and will be irritated by sunlight, wind, and minute particles.

These are all concerns that your doctor will address before you conclusively decide to go ahead with the surgical procedure. Such discussions help to convince, you, the patient of the safety of the procedure and lay to rest any doubts that may wreak havoc in your mind.

Submitted by:

Dr. Paul Smith

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