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Doctor's Note Template

So you've finally obtained a template for a great doctor's note. So far, you're on the right track to getting out of school or work without consequence. But to make the act official and untraceable, the template must be flawless. There can be no hint at foul play whatsoever or your cover may get blown and you may be in deeper trouble than what you would've been skipping work or school!

A doctor's note isn't necessarily hard to duplicate. The real trouble comes in making it look authentic. Obtaining the fake doctor's note is the first step. This is most commonly comes as a result of finding a template from the Internet, or even scanning one from a scanner. Whatever the method, there is much more work to be done after obtaining the said note.

The optimal fake doctor's note will already have the doctor's signature on it. If there isn't a doctor's signature, then there is some extra work to do. Try to find someone with a sloppy sense of handwriting to sign the note. It is recommended that signing it yourself not be an option- since the style of writing can easily be traced back to you with modern techniques.

After the signature problem is sorted, there comes the problem of making the note look official. The template should have a logo, slogan, or other type of company memorabilia imprinted on it. This makes the note seem well designed and pristine something only a doctor's office would have. Anyone can write out a simple form with Notepad, and expect suspicion to be arisen if this is the case. To counteract this fact, find a good logo and related company branding information. This can commonly be found on samples and real examples from actual doctor's notes.

The perfect fake doctor's note will be verifiable. This means that a workplace or school can call the number listed on the note, and actually get a real human being on the phone. To get around the problem of having a school or workplace talking to a doctor's office you never got a note from, there are several things that can be done.

First, you could setup an answering machine on a phone number you have access to. You can record a personal message that sounds like a secretary's message to calling customers. It may say that the office is closed due to holiday, for instance. Optionally, you could leave the phone off the hook so that it appears busy to the school or workplace.

If you are indeed confident in the ability of a friend or family member, one could mock a doctor's voice and take the call. This is the best option to ease suspicious, but it could easily prove to be a mistake if things take a turn for the worst.

The perfect template for a fake doctor's note will come from hard work and determination. Don't expect to hand in a simple piece of paper with some scribbling on it and get away with a free day off work or school. Instead, put thought into the actions you take so that your tracks are covered. Because in the end, the alternative is getting found out and that will lead to more trouble than you're probably prepared for.

Submitted by:

Daniel Millions

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