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Pressure Relief Gel For Decubitus Ulcer Prevention

Protecting the sacrum can be very big challenge for surgeons when they are performing a procedure on one of their patients. These sacral decubitus ulcers that form are very dangerous and can be prevented if the proper precautions are taken. Knowledgeable doctors are aware of the dangers of pressure ulcers and know how to prevent them.

Pressure ulcers form when blood can no longer freely flow to parts of the skin. These ulcers typically form in patients that are idle for long periods of time. The most common victim of these ulcers tends to be elderly people and obese patients. Since these patients are inactive blood cannot freely move to the skin, which allows ulcers to form.

Although these ulcers are more prevalent in the elderly and the obese they can also occur in healthy individuals. Often when healthy individuals suddenly need a surgical procedure performed they are not aware of the risk their own body weight can have on them.

Reputable doctors are fully aware of the problems that pressure can cause even on healthy patients while they undergo surgery. During long surgical procedures patients can be inactive for hours at a time. This is more than enough time than is needed for decubitus ulcers to form. The patients weight creates so much pressure on their skin that it prevents blood from flowing properly. Once the skin is without blood for a prolonged amount of time the cells begin to die. This is when these pressure ulcers begin to form.

A surgeon should be fully aware of these dangers if they are perform extended procedures where a patient is unconscious due to an anesthetic. This also places the responsibility in the hands of the anesthesiologist, that is present during the procedure. Both should be using preventative measure such as pressure relief gel and foam. During surgical procedures the more common solution to prevent decubitus ulcers is to use gel table pads on the operating tables. These pads relieve the pressure on the patient�s skin that is caused by the hard tables. Before going in for a procedure the patient should always make sure that their doctors are knowledgeable about all precautions during a procedure.

Some areas of the body are more prone to decubitus ulcers than other. This is because of the contours of the human body put more pressure on certain areas. One area that is especially prone to decubitus ulcers is the sacrum. The sacrum is near the base of the spine and between the two hips bones. When a patient is lying on their back this is an area where the body naturally puts a lot of pressure. Since this area is so small the patients weight is not evenly distributed. This allows pressure ulcers to form in, as little as forty-five minutes if the proper precautions are not taken.

The best solution for surgeons in this case is to use pressure relieving gel pads. Gel manufacturers make products in various sizes and shapes so that they can be used in any application during any surgery. Surgeons should be fully aware of the dangers of decubitus ulcers during surgery and should be especially careful with the sacrum area.

Submitted by:

Stephen Lamb

Stephen is a writer for Universal Medical Inc. Find more information on pressure relief gel and sacral decubitus ulcer prevention.


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