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Prevention Of Spider Veins: Keeping Your Veins Healthy

For many people, preventing spider veins is something unknown, as if preventative measures are thought to be useless and that genetics determine whether or not visible veins will occur in time. What is overwhelmingly not true however is that spider veins are a fact of life and that they are not preventable. There are certain measures that one can take to overcome their battle with spider veins.

The best way to keep spider veins out of your life is to make prevention of spider veins a conscious issue on your mind. The word conscious here implies that you are aware of what causes veins and what helps to prevent them and you respond accordingly. Though genetics can certainly play a role in what sort of health issues we face in our lives, it is true that our free will affords us the ability to determine how healthy we are, how youthful we stay, and how we look on the outside. If you were to lie in the sun with no concern for its effects on your skin, wouldn�t it be obvious that there would be some skin related issues as time went on due to the sun�s effects? Of course it would. It is the same with the prevention of spider veins.

One of the greatest ways to keep healthy looking legs and to keep your circulatory system in order is to exercise. That�s right, exercise! How often do we hear how important getting the blood flowing is, getting the heart beating, getting the body moving? Well when it comes to prevention of spider veins, nothing could be more important. It is crucial to pay attention to the physical body for health to ensue. Spider veins are a pooling of blood in the veins which occurs when the circulation in veins is limited or when blood moves backward rather than forward. To keep the blood moving smoothly, the heart must be strong and able to pump blood well. Since the heart is a muscle, the only way to keep it strong is to exercise it. This requires physical movement that gets you sweaty and moving on a regular basis.

The prevention of spider veins involves being aware of the circulation in your body as well as the pressure and weight being placed on the body�s system. For those who are overweight, spider veins are more likely to occur because the body�s circulation system is put under pressure and unable to function at it most optimum level. The body can only handle so much pressure before something begins to �malfunction� if you will, and when it comes to spider veins, this malfunction involves weight on the heart and overall cardiovascular system which hinders its ability to perform well. Thus exercise serves two purposes: it contributes to a healthy heart and thus a greater cardiovascular health, and it helps to keep weight within a healthy and optimum range. When the two are combined, venous health can easily be achieved. By committing to make exercise a steady fixture in your life, you can make prevention of spider veins an important part of your life.

Submitted by:

Lisa Ortega

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