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A New York University student from the Department of Endodontics, a medical term that describes the procedure of retaining the original teeth of the patient, conducted a study for his medical research. The University student gathered pieces of information, primarily through a survey, of the different perceptions of the dentistry faculty and dental students in his University. His study was focused on what would they prefer between the two: 'retention of teeth or extraction and implant replacement?'

It was surprising though, that both the faculty and the dental students preferred retention rather than replacement (albeit, over the course of the survey, there were numerous times that dental students repeatedly chose implants over retention). The given data showed that young and fresh dentists do prefer having implants rather than retaining the original one. They're probably thinking about the long-term effect since implants last for 20-30 years.

Little did we know that the lisp, a certain speech disorder mostly oriented with either the wrong placement of the tongue when talking or what the professionals call the 'reversed swallow' (the act of swallowing through pushing the tongue forward when in fact it should be the other way around), is a dental issue too. Yes, you're reading it right. Most of the people with lisps have an over bite since they tend to push their tongues forward, thus, the air escaping the sides of the tongue. This 'gap' is the reason why people who have lisps tend to pronounce the letter 'S' more like 'TH'. Lisps can be corrected (dentally speaking), through braces with orthodontic rubber bands or with the use of headgears (extreme cases).

There are certain people with braces who have 'rubber bands' either forming an X across the maxilla and the mandible, or just a single rubber band pulling both the maxilla and mandible together. Those rubber bands have a purpose, and that is to help people who have 'over bites' or 'under bites' correct their jaw alignment. Although some have other reasons why they attach rubber bands to their braces (i.e. to pull a hidden tooth inside the gum), over bites and under bites are the most common concerns addressed by these elastics. What these orthodontic rubber bands do is they pull both the maxilla and mandible towards the other direction.

Restoration Dental is a dental clinic found in the state of Iowa. In their website, they offer a wide variety of dental services, including teeth whitening, general dentistry and of course, dental restoration, there are various testimonials and a number of 'before and after' pictures to prove Dr. Jay Jensen's credibility. He is said to have obtained extensive training from the Institute for Advanced Dental Studies in Las Vegas. What's good about this dental office is that, the first consultation you make with them is for FREE. The people who have experienced his excellence in the field had nothing on their lips but gratitude, praises and the wonderful smiles that they have hidden for some time in their lives.

Do you experience a tinge or probably, extreme pain whenever you take a bite of your favorite ice cream? Maybe you are experiencing the same thing when you take your early morning coffee everyday? Or perhaps, when you inhale through your mouth you feel pain? If you answered yes to two out of three, then most probably you have sensitive teeth. Oh, don't you worry. It's not really a bad thing. The enamel (outer coating) of the teeth wears out normally and so, your teeth's core (or the dentin) is probably the one that's feeling all this 'pain'.

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Jon Caldwell

Jon Caldwell is a professional content manager. Much of his articles can be found at http://dentalrestoration101.com



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