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What are natural cures? These are remedies that use natural ingredients as well as means to promote health as well cure diseases. They are good alternative solutions to manufactured drugs that are chemical and synthetic in nature. These natural cures pose no side effects on our body unlike those manufactured drugs.

Our health is very important. It is vital to our very existence and functioning. When it comes to maintaining as well as achieving our optimum health balance, we should find appropriate ways to obtain it. And one of those ways is by using natural cures.

What are natural cures? These are remedies that use natural ingredients as well as means to promote health as well cure diseases. They are a good alternative to the manufactured drugs that are chemical and synthetic in nature. These natural cures pose no side effects on our body unlike the manufactured drugs.

Moreover, these natural cures are inexpensive, and sometimes, they do not even cost anything. This is because the resources are already available at your home and you can even do this yourself. In addition, these remedies are already tried and tested. Drugs were not available in the ancient times so they made use of natural cure methods. By using these natural cures correctly and regularly, one can stay healthy and fit.

Some of the natural cures that you can use are listed below:

Herbal Medicine

Herbal medicines, also known as Phytotherapy or botanicals, are medicines derived from parts of plants that have therapeutic properties. These herbal medicines can be in the form of capsules, tablets, teas, powders, extracts as well as dried or fresh plants. The benefits of these medicines can be dramatic or subtle, which may depend on the herbal medicine that is used in relation to the condition that is being treated. For some, the effects may be slow due to its cumulative effects, while others are just applied for short-term use in treating acute symptoms. What is good about herbal medicine is the fact that it is basically derived from a plant. This is why it has fewer side effects. Moreover, it is cheaper as well as safer to use. Examples would include the Ginseng, which can ease tension and even enhance memory. For males, it can help penile dysfunctions and can promote erection. The Gingko is known to be an effective cure for Alzheimer's disease, multiple sclerosis, tinnitus, asthma, and Intermittent Claudication.

Home Remedy

Home remedies are treatments made from certain vegetables, spices and other usual home items that can cure an ailment. Such home remedies may not be as affective for it is just used by laypersons as a tradition as well as habit to induce a thing called placebo effect. An example of this may be eating a home made hot chicken soup to alleviate respiratory illness such as flu and cold. Other examples would include the use of toothpaste on burns and gargling hot water with salt for gum sores.

Acupressure is known to be a Chinese traditional medicine method which is derived from another healing technique called acupuncture. Physical pressure is used on acupuncture points in order to release energy in the meridian pathways or chi The release of power helps in restoring our body by taking out toxins that cause illnesses and muscle stress. This can overall regain the balance of our body's system, which makes us whole and functional.


Acupuncture is known to be the method of using fine needles and inserting them on the acupuncture points in the body. This method comes from China. It helps in alleviating the pain as well as treating certain conditions. It has been tested and proven that acupuncture helps stimulate the body in releasing hormones that are similar to the action of opiates. This also helps the body become relaxed, leading to a state of balance as well as healing. With this method, body aches as well as migraines can be alleviated.


Meditation includes the follow techniques:

' Visualisation
' Meditative writing
' Guided imagery
' Energy healing techniques

With meditation, your focus is shifted from your problems or source of stress to relaxing, quiet moments with yourself. By doing meditation, it helps clear your mind from negative thoughts and to let you see the brighter side of life. It clarifies your way thinking, resulting to less stress, and thus providing you with a sense of comfort and peace. With this, you are more effective in handling your life because decision making is much easier when done with clarity.

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For more information on natural cures please visit our website.



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