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What To Know About Diabetes Supplies

Being diagnosed with diabetes doesn't necessarily mean a drastic change in lifestyle, but merely an adaptation. One of those will be the need, if you require daily insulin injections, will be for proper diabetes supplies that should help maintain the lifestyle that you're currently used to.

Diabetes supplies can and do include everything from the obvious to the not so obvious. Some basics include insulin, which must be refrigerated, syringes, needles, some style of blood glucose monitor, testing strips and lancets. A lancet is used on alternating fingertips to produce a drop of blood for testing. A drop of blood is placed on a test strip and then inserted into the blood glucose monitor. Other, not to obvious supplies might include diabetic socks or stockings, or anti-embolism stockings known as T.E.D.S, diabetic skin care products and even shoes. Foot care is especially important for diabetics, so make sure that you give extra special attention to your feet on a daily basis.

A blood glucose monitor is high on a diabetes supplies 'must-have' list. This device 'reads' the glucose level in a drop of blood that is typically applied to a test strip by the diabetic. Chemicals on the test strip react with the glucose within the blood drop, and within a few seconds, this machine will be able to tell you what your current blood sugar rate is. It's common for most doctors to require their diabetic patients to check their blood sugar anywhere from two to four times a day. Make sure you maintain a good amount of certain diabetes supplies so that you never run out.

Insulin is just one of many diabetes supplies that you'll need a prescription for. This liquid needs to be kept refrigerated. When traveling, pack in an igloo with ice blocks until it can be refrigerated again. Airplanes have refrigerators as well as most hotel rooms. Check your medical plan to see which items your particular insurance will offer coverage for. Medicare is now making it possible for diabetics to receive diabetes supplies, and many pharmacies and supply companies will arrange for delivery of diabetes supplies right to your front door.

If you're required to take insulin injections, diabetes supplies offer a wide range of needle sizes that make self-injecting painless. You'll need a supply of syringes and diabetic needles; a new needle for every injection, and a red, biohazard 'Sharps' container in which to dispose of used needles.

Being diagnosed with diabetes doesn't have to mean a total change in lifestyle, but it does mean having to adapt to new needs and habits. The bulk of diabetes supplies can be found through medical supply and equipment companies and can be reached via local phone books or on the Internet. As always, shop around for the best deals when it comes to diabetes supplies, and if possible, opt for a company that will ship supplies to you. You have a lot of living to do. Waiting for diabetes supplies shouldn't slow you down.

Submitted by:

Chonticha Marijne

Knowing what should be included in your diabetes supplies and where to get them is crucial. Learn more about getting supplies at http://DealWithDiabetes.com.


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