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4 Nail Fungus Home Remedies

Home remedies have been a part of our lives in search for cheap ways on how to treat certain mild disorders such as acne, bad breath, dandruff and more. Nail fungus, although considered as a serious nail disorder, also have several remedies that can be done at home. Some techniques may require the use of ingredients commonly found in the kitchen. Other home remedies include products that are made for a different purpose. No matter what the necessary ingredients are, people cannot be stopped from looking for alternative remedies that would let them cure their nail fungal infection inexpensively.

1. One common home remedy for an infected nail is by combining natural apple cider vinegar and ample amount of warm water. Fill the basin with equal amounts of water and cider vinegar. Relax and let your feet soaked in the mixture for about fifteen to twenty minutes. Studies show that vinegar has certain components that can prevent the growth of bacteria such as dermatophytes. After soaking your feet, make sure that you dry it thoroughly using not only a dry towel but with the help of a warm drier having a warm setting to completely dry all the moisture that surrounds the toes.

2. Natural oils have been prevalent natural home remedies for all sorts of internal and external illnesses. Oils such as oregano oil, olive oil, tea tree oil and lavender oil are used for treating nail fungal infections. Usually the lavender and tea tree oils are combined together in equal amount. Using a cotton swab or a cotton ball, dab the oil mixture to the affected part of the nail and around the toenail. The affected person must religiously do this at least two to three times a day until the infection completely disappears. This is a perfect oil combination since tea tree has a natural antibiotic components and the lavender combats infection and avoids further skin irritation. However, the use of these natural oils is only advisable for those who have a mild case of nail fungal infection.

3. Like any other discomfort that affects one�s health and appearance, diet also plays an important role in treating nail fungal infection. Those who have nail fungus must include foods rich in good bacteria called probiotics. This will help fight against the bad bacteria, which is the fungus. Kefir and yogurt are excellent sources of probiotics. The fresh extracts of olive leaf can be taken orally to fight from the inside. There are also foods that need to be reduced. This includes sugar and other foods with refined carbs as well as dairy products.

4. Also, there are no proofs from researchers, many people who are affected with nail fungal infection testifies that mint mouthwash can cure nail fungus. Some combines mouthwash with greater amount of water while others simply pour the mouthwash to the affected area. They said that the antiseptic components of these mouthwashes that claim to fight bacteria in the mouth may do the same with fungus residing in the toenails as well.

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Darren W -

Author is the webmaster of Toenail Fungus. You may be interested in The Science of Nail Fungus Infection and Essential Oils for Preventing and Treating Nail Fungus.


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