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5 Basic Rules To Fight Acne

It is always important to look good and feel good to lead a happy life. And skin is the most important part of our body, and it is the most prone to infections and ailments. It gets exposed to everything from sunlight to lotions, creams that we apply to keep it from going dry. At times, people get carried away and try out different products not realizing they could have harmful contents which will do more harm than good. And once the deed is done, they go in search of a cure for the same. If you notice acne on your skin, wash the area multiple times with plain water and then with a mild soap or face wash. There are times when unconsciously you might run your hands across the acne, and as soon as you realize it, wash your hands well. You would not want to run the risk of spreading the germs.

Some of the most basic acne care rules for an individual are,

Rule 1 - Touch

Do not under any circumstances touch the affected region or the acne. If you do see a boil appear, let it be and wait for nature to take its course. If you are not able to bear looking at it, meet a dermatologist and make sure to follow the regime they recommend.

Rule 2 - Food Habits

If you are used to eating at erratic hours and all kinds of food items, control the same and don't give in to your urges of eating a hot dog or pizza. Also cut down on oil and fat content in food, go in for salads or boiled vegetables or any food item you like as long it is not loaded with butter and fat. Include fruit juices and protein in your diet to help fight the germs in the acne.

Rule 3 - Hormonal Balances

For ladies especially, acne and other ailments occur when there is a change in the hormone levels. For this, you can meet an endocrinologist to find out what is causing the fluctuations and changes in your body. In boys, when they reach puberty, they will notice pimples and other changes occurring within them. It is all part of growing up and nothing to panic about.

Rule 4 - Stress

Business people are known to work under a lot of stress and long crazy hours. They will not have any time to slow down or catch their breath between meetings. This will become too much to take for their body which will react by erupting out as acne. It is important for such people to take a minute, or take up a hobby through which they can relax their mind and body.

Rule 5 - Skin Care

It is essential to take care of your skin, if you want to look good as you grow older. Skin is prone to acne, dryness, wrinkles that become visible as a person ages. It is important to drink plenty of water through the day and eat well to remain healthy.

Submitted by:

Darren W.

Author is the webmaster of Acne Treatment and Natural Acne Treatment. Download Free Acne Ebook here.


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