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6 Tricks To Stop Snoring So Your Wife Can Sleep

A great number of people who regularly snore do not really consider it as a problem. They are asleep so it is not major concern, right? However, for the people who must sleep in the same room or in the same house as them, it is a major concern.

While it is not troublesome to you, your wife and other housemates are almost certainly suffering from your snoring. Here are six tricks to help them get some much needed sleep.

The very first thing you should do is avoid habits that make your snoring worse or even cause it.

- Do not use anything that can cause your mouth and throat to relax too much. This can include: alcohol, sleeping pills or any other sedatives.

- Avoid sleeping on your back. To do this, you can support yourself on your side with pillows. Another option is to attach a tennis ball to your back so you will not shift in your sleep.

- Stay away from using too many pillows. If you sleep on a pile of pillows you will put your neck and throat in a position that increases snoring. You should use only one or two firm pillows under your head.

If these tricks do not help with your and your spouse�s problem, try these extra steps to get rid of the noise.

- Try to lose a few pounds. Excess fat stores in your throat can constrict your airway and cause breathing problems when you sleep.

- Prop up your bed rather than yourself. Having your head elevated decreases snoring. You can put wood blocks or bricks under the head of your bed to lift it up several inches.

- Inhale steam before going to bed. You can use a machine that creates steam, or simply hold a towel over your head while you run hot water in the sink. This will keep your throat from drying out and help disintegrate any congestion.

If you try these tricks and you are still snoring, you may suffer from a condition called sleep apnea. If you have it, you should visit your doctor.

If you�ve tried all the above tricks to stop snoring and have been checked out by a physician, and there is no help, you should go to the store and buy your wife a quality pair of ear plugs.

Submitted by:

Alex Fir

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