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9 Tips For Preventing Nail Fungus

Prevention has always been the best remedy for any kind of ailment or infection. The same goes with nail fungus especially since it takes a long time for nail fungus to be removed. Curing it as soon as symptoms appear will prevent the infection of your other nails therefore saving you of unnecessary pain and trouble.

Nail fungus can infect anybody. Excessive sweating on your feet and hands, defects in the nails and people with reduced immune system are susceptible to nail fungus infections. However, it does not mean that you have an immune system problem if you develop a nail fungus infection. Moreover, it is contagious and should be treated as soon as it appears. But do not fret, nail fungal infections are treatable.

Here are some preventive measures you can do to avoid getting nail fungus:

1. Wear protective shoes or slippers when you use public facilities such as gym showers, locker rooms and swimming pools. A lot of people use these facilities and you never know if someone infected has just used the shower stall you are using. Remember nail fungus is contagious.

2. Keep your nails clean, short and dry. Trim your nails regularly and in a straight line. Dry your hands and feet thoroughly after bathing especially in between your fingers and toes. Fungi growth occurs mostly on damp areas.

3. Use anti-fungal sprays and powders in your shoes or on your feet to eliminate any fungus that might be present. Avoid using the same shoes everyday to give it time to air dry especially if you sweat a lot. Same goes with your socks. If you sweat excessively change your socks and alternate between open toed sandals and closed shoes.

4. Wash your feet regularly and dry them well. Ditch the nail polish to cover up an existing fungal infection. It may look nice but it can trap the moisture and fungus in your nails and make it worse.

5. Go to a reputable pedicure and manicure salon. Make sure that they sterilize their instruments after every customer. Or you can bring your own just make sure you sterilize them as well even if you are the only one using it. It will keep fungal growth at bay.

6. Wash your hands after touching or putting medication on an infected nail. It can infect the other nails on your hands.

7. Don�t pick at the skin around your nails or pluck �hangnails� off of them. This might cause the skin to break and give access to germs and fungi.

8. See a doctor at the first symptoms of nail fungal infection. The earlier it is treated the better it is for you.

9. Eat a well balanced diet to keep your immune system healthy. It will help you fight bacteria, viruses and germs that can cause nail fungus.

As the old saying goes, �An ounce of prevention is worth an ounce of cure.� This holds true with nail fungus. It is always wise to stick to some precaution that will bring you relief from nail fungus infection.

Submitted by:

Darren W -

Author is the webmaster of Nail Fungus Treatment. You may be interested in The Statistics of Nail Fungus Infection and Risk Factors and Complications Associated with Nail Fungus.


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