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9 Ways To Cure Your Tinnitus

Tinnitus is an awkward ailment - since there are few if any outward signs, you don't get much sympathy. What can you do? Are there any remedies for tinnitus that actually work?

1. Is it ear wax? Sometimes a buildup of ear wax can cause tinnitus. If that's the case, your doctor (or more likely the surgery nurse) will be able to sort you out quickly and easily. While you're there, get a quick blood pressure test done as well as any other checks your doctor thinks prudent.

2. Are you stressed or anxious? Both stress and anxiety can bring on or worsen tinnitus. If you are suffering from either of these, take steps to reduce them as much as possible. Simple techniques like relaxing rather than running round like a headless chicken may be enough to help. Or you may need to use a relaxation technique such as meditation to help you unwind on a more permanent basis.

3. Is your circulation OK? Sure, your heart is still beating. But is it pumping blood around your body fast enough? Or could you usefully take up some form of regular exercise such as yoga to get your circulation back up to speed?

4. Generate noise of your own If your ringing sounds aren't too bad, you may be able to mask them out by playing some background music. For those who have difficulty getting to sleep at night, consider using a white noise generator. These do exactly as described: they generate white noise (a bit like static noise in the olden days of radio and television) which can help you to sleep at night.

5. Hypnosis Hypnosis is often used for so-called "incurable" illnesses and diseases. Get hold of a dedicated hypnosis MP3 and play it on a regular basis. We heal ourselves on other things as a matter of course - broken bones aren't healed by the plaster your limb is set in, that's just there to stop you breaking yourself further while your body does all the hard work. Hypnosis helps your body to heal itself by giving suggestions direct to your subconscious mind which are then carried out to help get you well again.

6. Visit your acupuncturist This ancient Chinese treatment is used for numerous different ailments, including tinnitus. Check your acupuncturist's qualifications and then go ahead and book an appointment. Acupuncture works by clearing the energy "channels" in your body so be prepared for seemingly unrelated areas of your body to be host to the needles.

7. Reduce your use of aspirin and other painkillers Whilst these medications help with pain, if you are self prescribing them then it's time to cut down on their use. Aspirin has a number of side effects and your tinnitus could be one of them.

8. Turn the music down! It's easy to listen too loud, especially with in-ear headphones. As every teenager is told, turn it down! Your overall hearing will appreciate the change as well as your tinnitus.

9. Check any other medication you are using The side effects of most modern medicines are a mile long. Check the small print to see whether any of the ones you are using could be making your tinnitus worse. If so, talk to your doctor.

Submitted by:

Trevor Johnson

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