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Acne - 9 Common Misconceptions About Acne

The effect of acne to individuals is alarming. However, there are certain truths that should be made clear so as to avoid wrong treatments and worse skin conditions. Since misconceptions about acne can have dire results, it should be straightened out with following truth:

1. Dirt is the culprit of acne

No! Dirt does not cause acne. Plugs in the follicle of the skin are the causes of acne. These plugs are formed when in the process of skin shedding, the dead cells mix with sebum and clog the pores of the skin. Extreme consciousness in washing and scrubs will do no help because dirt is not the reason for the presence of acne. These actions even increase the possibility of developing acne because they make the skin drier than usual.

2. Direct acne treatment is effective

No! Topical creams applied directly to the acne do not make them disappear. Since visible acne is 2-3 weeks old, they are difficult to treat with direct application of a cream. It is best to avoid the development of acne by preventive treatment of the whole face.

3. Only teenagers have acne

No! Usually, acne appears during teenage years because of hormonal changes. However, acne should not be ignored. If not treated properly, the acne may worsen and consequently result to acne scars, which are much more difficult to treat. It is good to treat acne at its early stages, before it can do permanent damage to the skin.

4. French fries cause acne

No! Actually, there is no solid evidence that certain foods are involved in the development of acne. Not even nuts or chocolates do harm to the skin. But a healthy diet boosts immune system that fights acne. Keep that in mind.

5. Cosmetics can cause acne

Maybe. If the chosen make-up is not �non-comedogenic�, then acne development is more likely. Non-comedogenic products do not result to the clogging of pores. Make-ups should also be hypoallergenic and water-based to prevent any adverse reactions of the skin.

6. Sweating prevents acne

No! Too much exercise can stimulate sebaceous glands of the skin to produce more oil, which when mixes with perspiration and heat worsens the already existing acne.

7. The sun can help

Not really. Little sun exposure can help acne. But too much exposure under the sun can make the skin dry and shed dead cells faster. More dead cells result to more clogged pores. More clogged pores will result to more acne break-outs.

8. Facial scrubs and toners work

No! Scrubs usually tear skin tissue thus resulting to increased probability of bacterial infection and blemishes. Also, toners with contents of alcohol leave the skin dry and stimulate the sebaceous glands to secret more oil that can clog pores and produce acne. Small-grained scrubs and alcohol-free toners are advisable.

9. Acne can be cured

Not at the moment. Although it is not curable, acne can be treated. Treatments only improve the conditions but will not totally eliminate the occurrence of Acne. The best treatment is prevention. But if the acne has appeared, treatments given by certified dermatologists should be taken.

Submitted by:

W. Darren -

The author is an online medical researcher and webmaster of Top Acne Products and Best Acne Treatment. Related article: Natural Acne Treatment � Green Tea Extract.


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