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Acne Myths - The Acne Has Been Misunderstood

Almost all people have experienced acne at some point in their lives. Acne is no doubt a universal experience. It is in fact, the most widespread skin condition in the entire human race. To many people, acne poses a big problem in their lives - both physically and emotionally. With this, people have conjured up explanations on what causes acne.

Though it is important to raise awareness about this skin condition, it can�t be helped that people still make acne �myths,� trying to explain the condition using their own rationale. Aunts and mothers have probably said a thing or two about it. Most of their so-called true proclamations about acne however, are more or less old wives� tale. Most of the people have definitely heard at least one of these myths about acne. It should be known that misunderstanding it could easily make things worse.

1. Common Acne Myth

One common myth is that acne is caused by dirt. This notion is more psychological than a scientific fact. Acne looks and feels disgusting, which is why people often connote acne with dirt. This is also a reason why many people tend to over-wash, harshly scrub, or put toners constantly, resulting to drier skin. Acne is caused by oil produced in the pores called sebum with a mix of dead skin cells that clog the skin�s pores.

It is important therefore, to use a mild cleanser and wash only twice a day. It is also not true that acne is just a teenage thing. The truth is, acne can come back even after puberty. Adults experience acne well beyond their 20�s - and some even have them around their 50�s!

2. Famous Acne Myth

Another famous myth is that certain foods cause acne. Scientists have not found a connection between diet and pimples but this does not give anyone the excuse to eat anything she wants. Of course, a healthy diet is still important for anyone�s well-being, whether it be for the sake of not having pimples or to just be healthy.

3. Other Acne Myths

Another myth common to women is about makeup being a cause of acne. This may be true before when makeup was not non-comedogenic. Non-comedogenic make up won�t clog up pores, therefore, women should look for this feature when purchasing make up. Another funny myth is about too much sexual intercourse being the cause of acne breakouts. It is true that androgen, which is a hormone significant in the puberty stage, have a role in acne production. But coitus and acne has definitely no relation at all.

There are many more myths out there such as how sweating cleanses the pores and how sun bathing helps treat acne. It is still best however, to consult a dermatologist than depend on hearsay. Acne is not curable, that is a fact. But it is treatable. So for those people who want to take acne treatment seriously, they should remember not to get stuck on common myths, which have no scientific proofs. It is better to consult an expert or a professional who has the most knowledge about acne.

Submitted by:

Wong Darren

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