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Acne Treatment - 4 Treatments Recommended by Dermatologists

It�s not yet too late to live a life free from acne blemishes. This includes scars on one�s skin. Acne is the most common hindrance to having a healthy skin. For years, people have tried to get rid of zits that ruin one�s confidence, and probably one�s life.

The treatment of acne is not something you could do quickly however. One must carefully choose the right treatment that not only guarantees relief, but also prevents acne from coming back.

What Causes Acne?

Acne is caused by overactive oil glands. Add to that the buildup of dead skin or skin flakes, or by the P. acnes bacteria. With these, you get pimples.

Treatment of Acne

Treatment of acne takes a variety of methods. Since there are different types of skin, the best treatment for one person may not work for another. Therefore, it is still best to consult a dermatologist. They can decide which medication is the best one for a certain condition and skin type. The dermatologist also knows which medication tailor fits a patient based on the person�s lifestyle, medication routine as well as her age.

4 Acne Treatments Recommended By Dermatologists

In general, acne treatment is classified into 4 types.

(1) The most popular is by eradicating the bacteria caused by clogged follicles. This is an instant treatment but may only be momentary. This treatment is done by either taking in tetracycline or other antibiotics. Or by curing the areas that are affected with medicated substances such as benzoyl peroxide. This substance has nothing to do with the control of oil secretion, which is the origin of all clogged follicles. Therefore acne may return right after when the treatment is over.

(2) Another method is to reduce the oil secretion of oil glands. This can be done by drinking Vitamin A regularly. The drug used here has a longer effect or result than anti-bacterial solutions. This method oftentimes treats acne for good. It requires a dermatologist�s close examination though. The drug is known to have many side effects.

(3) Another acne treatment is skin exfoliation. This method allows the topmost layer of the skin to be peeled off. This is to avoid the accumulation and build up of skin flakes. If left to accumulate, the skin cells will mix with the skin�s natural oil and block pores. With this type of acne treatment, it can unblock clogged pores.

(4) A modern type of acne treatment is the laser therapy or laser acne treatment. The laser treatment rubs away the topmost layer of one�s skin, which is helpful to remove the untapped dead skin cells. The treatment has an enduring effect which is seen as effective. TCA peels reaches deep in the skin to have results that can last for long, at least up to 1 year. This treatment not only removes acne but prevents them from happening again. TCA peels should be tried since they are very cost effective.

Treating acne may seem simple but it is still safer for one to have acne medication as long as a professional guide is available.

Submitted by:

Wong Darren

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