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Adult Acne: Simple Steps For Treatment

Just because you never experienced acne during your youth, doesn�t mean you won�t have to face it as an adult. Research shows one out of four adult men and one out of two adult women will experience some type of acne in their adult life.

No one seems to agree on what causes acne in adults, but one thing is clear. Acne is always associated with hormones. These hormones are essential to the development of the oil glands of your skin. Children don�t experience acne, because their hormones aren�t mature.

Any time your hormones become unbalanced, you run the risk of an acne breakout. Researchers agree that acne is caused by androgens. These are male hormones found in both men and women. These hormones create excess oil. In turn, this excess oil can clog the hair follicles and allow bacteria to grow. When this occurs, acne pimples and blemishes appear.

Women generally experience hormonal acne because of the normal female cycles like menstruation, pregnancy and menopause. This is why some types of birth control pills help control acne by keeping the androgens balanced. However, consult your doctor before considering this treatment. Every one is different. Children">All treatments do not produce the same results for different people.

Many adults have experienced success in clearing their acne by using a simple three-step regimen.

Benzoyl Peroxide Kills Acne Bacteria
First, get a 2.5% solution of benzoyl peroxide. Apply this to a small part on your skin to test your skin�s reaction. Although most people have no problems with benzoyl peroxide, some do. Once you know it�s ok, gently apply this to your affected skin.

Avoid Irritating Your Skin
Always be gentle when working with your skin. Irritation only increases your acne problems. Avoid harsh scrubbing, picking or pinching your pimples, etc. If you skin is already irritated, take a few days and let it settle down.

Use a Gentle Skin Cleanser
Wash your face and acne affected skin with a gentle cleanser. Avoid using regular bath soap or cleansers that overly dry your skin.

Finally, use a gentle moisturizer to keep your skin from drying out and to minimize irritation. With a little consistency and time, many adults can clear their adult acne following this simple treatment.

Submitted by:

Larry Andrew

Larry Andrew is the author and publisher of the Acne Skin Care Information Center at http://www.acne-skin-care-info.com. It is your one stop resource for the best acne skin care information and treatments.


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