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Advice For A Snoring Woman

Are you a snoring woman? You are probably extremely embarrassed by your snoring. Maybe you are dating and often disrupt your partner's sleep. Or maybe you are married and disturb your spouse's rest. Or maybe your snoring is loud enough to even disturb the sleep of family members sleeping in other rooms in the house. In fact, I can sometime hear my downstairs neighbor snoring. My bedroom is directly above theirs. That's embarrassing!

However, if you are a snoring woman, you have a lot more to worry about than just the fact that being a snoring woman is embarrassing. There are serious health risks that research shows is correlated with snoring. Now, this is true for everyone who snores. Men who snore are at a higher risk for various conditions. There is one study that found some of these same correlations in snoring women.

This study examined snoring women and tried to determine if there was any relationship between snoring and other health risks. The study found that 33% of the women who snore regularly were more likely than those who don't snore to experience heart disease and stroke. So, if you are a snoring woman and until now have only been regarding it as an embarrassing and unfortunate condition, think again. You should share your condition with your doctor as soon as you can. Your doctor can determine if you are at risk for stroke or heart disease and suggest treatments for you snoring condition.

In addition to the complications mentioned above, the study also found that a snoring woman is 20% more likely than the non snoring woman to experience cardiac complications. This is another reason to share your condition with a doctor if you haven't already.

In the meantime, there is a lot a snoring woman can do on her own to start treating her condition. First of all, are you overweight? If you are, it is very likely that your snoring is a result of you being overweight. If you are already trying to lose weight then keep it up. The health benefits of losing weight are phenomenal. If you are overweight and are not doing anything about it then you need to start. Drop whatever other causes you are supporting, anti-war campaigns or whatever, and start focusing on losing your excess weight. This is so important! Not only will you likely stop snoring as a result, but you will healthier overall.

Another thing the snoring woman can do right now is pay attention to her evening routine. Do you drink alcohol before going to bed, or take relaxants or painkillers. Alcohol and drugs can relax the muscles in the back of the throat causing you to snore. People who smoke are also more likely to snore. Quitting smoking could be all you need to do to stop snoring. So, until you see your doctor, see if there is anything you can do now to stop snoring.

Submitted by:

Jonathan Higgins

Jonathan Higgins writes on various health topics for several web sites. He writes on snoring issues for Treat Snoring. Jonathan likes to explore natural and safe remedies first before considering surgery or other potentially harmful solutions.


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