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A lot of people are suffering with the skin disease of acne and do not know if there is anything that they can apply to it to prevent from any further disgusting markings on their skin or to get rid of the markings they already have. Acne has been around for ages and dates back to the beginning of supplements, yet this skin disease has not yet been solved still! Related to bodybuilding, bodybuilding is enhancing your image to make your body something to look at in respect. A body that has acne all over it but built will not do well in any competition or for picking up the ladies. Throughout the article, we will discuss the growing issue of acne with bodybuilders and how that you guys can actually help prevent it from occuring on your body too.

It is impossible to stay away from acne, however there is ways that you can help prevent it as much as possible. Especially for the younger generation of bodybuilders, they are greatly at risk of catching the horrid skin disease of acne. Young bodybuilders are full of raging hormone and with that said are a key target to having acne.

Many people believe that certain foods which you eat can cause acne, however this is not true. For example, eating friend foods at McDonald's, Burger King, or any fast food joint are in no way related to acne, a skin disesase. Although you still should not be eating this food anyway (right?)'As well, acne is not the result of dirt laying on your skin. Having bad hygiene and not taking care of yourself will not help you get acne. The truth lies in your dead skin cells accumulating and clogging leads that will increase in 'sebum' or an oily area in your body which is in use to be a cover for the dead skin cells and help them go up to the surface of your skin. This is a stage in cleaning your body which is natural and leads to acne. Acne is a result of genetics, whether people say it or not. Your family that has acne says that you will not catch it, not true! For a third reasoning, by washing daily, you are not guaranteed to have 'cured' this disease. It does not matter the amounts of times that you wash your body every day as acne can and will continue to go back up to the surface of your skin. As well, by scrubbing harder when cleaning, you could make this disease even worse. So what can you do to stop this disease that seems to be incurable?

There are different types of topicals and cleansers which you do not need a prescription for and they can help you to treat acne. Both of the active and non-active ingredients in this product (includes salicylic acid, benzoyl peroxide, sulfur, and alpha hydroxy acids) are very effective for helping the stage of aiding normal acne. The salicylic acid that is in the product does its part by helping to fix the very unnormal shedding of cells. Benzoyl peroxide does its own little job by killing the bacteria that is related to acne. Alpha hydroxy acids help loosen the acne lesions that will let sebum go into your skin repetively.

As you see above, the main recommended solution for acne is to get a non-prescription or e ven prescription drug to help you out, but extreme measures call for extreme solutions and depending on your case will help you choose the route to take.

Submitted by:

Terry Bytheway

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