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Almighty Colon Cleanse

Did you know that if you clean your colon you could lose up to ten pounds? That�s true, it�s because the colon will absorb the nutrients and water into the body and eliminate the toxics. This is why makes you have regular bowel movements. However, you may find problems like constipation, hemorrhoids, and colon cancer if you cannot stay regular. You may have heard things like irritable bowel syndrome and this comes from an irregular colon. You will also get headaches, fatigue, depression, bloating, and infections when you aren�t regular.

Your colon ends up retained the bad stuff that will end up poisoning your system. If you clean your colon, every now and then your health issues should go away and you will feel refreshed and energized. Everyone should clean his or her colon every couple years. You should clean your colon at least two or three times in your lifetime, however, you should not do this all the time, if you do you will develop some issues that will not allow you to control your movements. Depending on your age, you could have five to even forty pounds of waste in your bowels. When you clean your colon, you will get all that waste out and you will lose the added weight.

You can clean your colon by having an enema, herbal supplement, laxatives, cleaners, and colon therapy. Each of the treatments has pros and cons. You will find that a cleanser will do the best for your health. It will remove the toxic waste and improve your heath of the colon.

When it comes to hydrotherapy, you will find that is just the process of warm water being injected in to the colon through a plastic tube that is placed in the anus. This has to be done by a licensed doctor or professional for your own safety. It cleans the large intestine and removes all the toxics from that organ. Colon hydrotherapy is also known as colonic irrigation or using colenemas.

Enemas have been a form of treatment for constipation for years. They are proven effective, but it depends on the enema. Usually, it will only remove material or waste from the lower part of the colon. It will melt away the waste. Most people do not like this, again because it has to be inserted through the rectum.

Herbal supplements that contain psyllium husk will clean your colon. It is a natural laxative high in fiver and mucilarge. It is referred to as emptying the bowel. It doe not clean, but it will clean your bowels out temporary. Much like herbal supplements, laxatives are the time. It will clear you out, but it will not cleanse any part of the bowels.

Oxygen based cleaners will melt away all of the toxics rather they are in the form of a solid or gas. It will not only clean your colon, but your large intestine as well. This is the only method that will thoroughly clean and keep your system clean.

Copyright � 2006 Lena Hilltorp

Submitted by:

L Hilltorp

Lena Hilltorp is a freelance publisher based in Sweden. She publishes articles and reports and provides Colon Cleansing Medications resources onhttp://www.colon-cleansesite.info/colon-cleansing-medications.php Colon Cleanse Recipeshttp://www.colon-cleansesite.info/colon-cleanse-recipes.php


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